Let’s face it- there are some days when you are not in a mood to make your hair.

These lousy hair days can make you feel not that attractive and ruin your whole day. Hopefully, there are some great tips on how to deal with a bad hair day.

Get a chic, feminine glam look using a scarf. Square scarves are ideal for a head accessory.

Experiment with your vision every day, add a colorful note to your vision, and express your personal style.

Of course, you can play with the sizes, textures, and colors. Check out this gorgeous scarf on head ideas to rock on and look like a hair product model.

1Head Scarf In Jewish Way

If you feel your hair without volume and shape, this headscarf tie will give you confidence.

It covers your head as a hat but gives a silky look. Match the scarf with your outfit for a glam vision.

2Scarf On Head In Old Fashion Way

Jackie Kennedy’s iconic way of wearing a headscarf is a hot trend you can get inspiration from.

There is a huge plus of this scarf idea- it is the perfect solution for a windy day.

3Scarf On Head In A Gypsy Way

No matter if you go on the beach, or shopping, this scarf tie shout about your free spirit and soul, exactly in a gypsy way.

4Full Wrap Scarf On Head

Forget about spending hours in front of the mirror till you get the perfect hairstyle. This easy head scarf tie will give you a fashionable look.

5Turban Way

Bye, bye badhair day, I look gorgeous in scarf turban.

6Gracious Scarf Bandana

Give an accent to your vision with this scarf bandana. You need just a bit of volume of your hair and you will look just gorgeous.

7Braided Scarf

Make your day a little bit brighter as you braid a colorful scarf into your hair.

8Vintage Style

A retro hairstyle with a scarf that is still trendy and will make everyone turn after. It looks great on hairstyles with a bang.

9An African Way

I must say it is too brave for me, but this scarf hairstyle is somehow powerful.

10Classic Headband

A classic way to wear a scarf and forget about the bad hair day.

11Romantic Braid

Flirty, careless braided scarf. Your bad hair day could be the best hairstyle day.

12Minnie Mouse Bow

Play with colors and textures for more volume of the bow. This way of scarf tie fits any lengths.

13Careless Ponytail

Low ponytaile is not boring anymore. It is playfull and flirty with a scarf.

14The Perfect Tie

Mermaid braided hair is even more fantastic when you braided a hair into.

15The Blended Scarf Bun

scarf on head

Gorgeous look suitable for a fency celebration.

16The Low Wrap

Staylish silky scarf for an office hairstyle, sophisticated and brilliant look.

17Silky Scarf

The easiest way to wear a scarf on the head. Just choose the pattern you’d like the most and your gorgeous look is guaranteed.

18Scarfed Braided Halo

Braided scarf in a halo shape. You will get an angel look with this scarf on the head idea. It gives a really artistic look, inspired by Frida Khalo.

19A Wideband

Suitable even for a workout, this wideband is a wonderful hair accessory and protection.

20Top Scarf

A pirate bandana for more art vision and style.

21Boho Scarf Hairstyle

Express your free spirit and soul with your daily vision. This scarf on a head idea is inspired by the boho lifestyle.

22Bandana Low Bund

Your low bun will look gorgeously perfect with a silky scarf around.

23The Bandana

24 Messy Ponytail

You do not need to make any efforts for this hairstyle. No matter how messy your hair looks like,, just pull it on a high ponytail and wrap a noce scarf around.

25Full Scarf Wrap

Similar to the turban vision, a full scarf wrap is a fancy way to show a diversity of your style, plus it will protect your hair from different weather conditions.

26Knitted Bandana

The perfect solution for a cold morning. Add a knitted bandana with a spring note of a colorful flower.

27Wrap A Scarf Around A Ponytail

Tie your ponytail with a scarf for an elegant look, accent, and sophisticated vision.

28Retro Twist With A Scarf

A messy bun and a retro twist with a scarf on a head- a bit of rebel, sexy, and independent look.

29Retro Look

A very chic hairstyle. It looks natural messy, but the accessory gives the romantic note.

30Scarf Knot

A twisted scarf with a knot is perfect for all hirs lenghts.

31Rosie The Riveter

Make a strong statement and always believe in your women power!

32Wrapped Scarf

Silky long scarf are perfect for a vision like this one. Just pick a pattern and make your bad hair day the most stunning vision of the week.

33“Babushka” Style

Inspired by the grandmothers style in many East Eauropen countries, this scarf on a head style protect your hair from the weather conditions, plus make your style unique and fancy.

34Vintage Top Knot WIth Scarf

A playful scarf hairstyle to make your day a bit more joyfull.

scarf on head