Rewiring Brain From Anxiety and Stress: 8 Things Moms Can Do

A recent survey found that a third of all moms feel stressed out at least five days out of every week. 73% of moms feel like they need to cover up the stress they feel from their families to keep things running smoothly. 

Having stress and anxiety is bad enough, but to also hide it is downright unhealthy. But let’s face it; moms handle a lot over the course of a day and a week. From careers to child care and sick little ones to managing your home and their schedules, it’s no wonder women are feeling overwhelmed. 

It also doesn’t do you or your daily life any good to remain in a constant state of anxiety and stress. So, how can you help yourself and reduce your anxiety and stress for a calmer life? Read on to learn more about eight ways you can reduce your stress levels.

Anxiety and Stress

1.  Speak Up

It’s downright surprising the number of women who are holding in and hiding the stress they’re feeling from their families. Why?

It’s possible the people around them don’t even recognize how stressed out you are as a mother. The reality is that unless you express your feelings, they’re going to continue to make you feel miserable. The people around you can’t also come up with ways to help if they aren’t aware of your needs. 

You certainly don’t want to wait until all your feelings of anxiety explode out of you and you’re yelling or making your family feel frustrated with you. 

Be more productive and find a calm time to discuss your feelings with your partner and your kids. Talk about ways they can help you, so you aren’t feeling so overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities as a mom. 

Even if everyone in your family takes on one extra thing, it can make a difference. Maybe your spouse is now in charge of emptying the dishwasher. Maybe your kids now have one small chore that’s appropriate for their age level. 

For example, you might say no TV or electronics until the toys in the playroom are put away. It keeps messes under control and helps you out too.

2. Make Time for Yourself

You might be thinking to yourself, how in the world will I make time for myself when I already have so many things to handle?

Making time for yourself has to be a priority. Knowing you have some personal time coming can help you get through those moments of stress and anxiety. 

First, know this alone time doesn’t have to mean a whole day blocked out. It can mean 20 minutes in the morning or having a sit down while the kids get to watch their favorite show. 

Consider what helps you feel relaxed. Maybe you get to watch a half hour of your favorite show a night. Or a little reading before you fall asleep for an escape. Whatever it is, block the time out and make it a priority. You’ll thank yourself for it once it becomes a routine.

3. Get Your Body Moving

You might not have time anymore for several-hour workouts at the gym, but you can find ways to get moving. 

Just getting your body moving can help get those muscles loosened up from the stress you have stored in your body.  You’ll be surprised how good it feels to go outside and run around with your kids. Take them for a walk or a bike ride. 

If the weather prevents outside time, put on a quick tape for some yoga or stretching. Do it when your kids are awake. Guess what? It might do them good too. You’re also instilling in them the importance of taking care of their body and mind through exercise and movement. 

4. Stimulate Your Nerves

You might be surprised that you can actually do some things with the nerves in your body to help you manage, well, your nerves. 

The longest nerve in your body is called the vagus nerve. It’s considered part of your body’s braking system, helping to control the way you slow down and calm yourself.

This nerve, over time, though, can decline in activity, meaning it loses some of its effectiveness. You can use the tVNS vagus nerve stimulator to help increase activity in the nerve.

This will help you regain your ability to calm yourself when you feel stressed. 

The tVNS stimulator clips to your ear for a short period each day. It sends the stimulation into your body for the vagus nerve to increase its effectiveness again.

5. Get Up a Little Earlier

You might be surprised by the idea of getting up a little earlier. But this small amount of time in the morning can have a huge impact on the rest of your day and the stressors you face. 

Setting your alarm for as few as 15 minutes before the rest of the household is awake can give you time to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee.

You can think through your day. It allows you the time you need to be ready to tackle what the day throws at you.

6. Find Ways to Laugh

Laughter is a healthy antidote to stress. Find ways to work laughter into your life. 

Right when your kids start to make you crazy, take a step back and look at the humor of the situations they create. Usually, with some distance, it’s easy to see the humor.

Take a few minutes to look online; even if it’s a few minutes of funny video clips, it can make a difference in your mood. 

7. Get Organized

There’s some real value in doing what it takes to get organized. A messy life creates stress that you don’t need. 

Figure out what things in your life are adding stressors. Maybe it’s getting out the door in the morning with your kids. Create a checklist of what everyone needs and organize it the night before. 

Maybe you get stressed every afternoon when you realize you don’t have a plan in place to feed everyone dinner.

Take a few minutes on the weekend to create a meal plan for the weed to rid yourself of that daily stressor.

Then you can make one shopping list and avoid those last-minute runs to the market that uses up your valuable time. 

8. Get in Some Friend Time

There’s a reason we love our friends. They make us feel good, we laugh, and we understand each other’s challenges. 

You know, even a small amount of time with a girlfriend can make you feel better. Schedule a coffee with a girlfriend. Or, one day a month, meet for a glass of wine after work. 

If you can’t get away from the kids, schedule a play date at the park or playground. The kids play, and you get some quality friend time to relieve your stressors.

Get Rid of Your Stressors, Be a Relaxed Mom

There’s no question that being a mom comes with a load of pressure and responsibilities. You aren’t helping yourself or your family by ignoring those feelings of stress.

When you find healthy ways to manage your feelings, you’ll be a happier and healthier mom for everyone. 

It’s important for moms to have a village that feels like a support system. At Momooze, that’s what we do. Be sure to check out the wide range of articles intended to make your life as a mom happier and healthier.

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