17 Best Sequin Dresses That Will Make You Shine [2023]

Are you looking for the perfect sequin dress for this season?

Whether it’s an office party, New Year party or your own birthday party, in this article you will find not only the most fabulous sequin dresses but also those that are very much on trend!

Our team has curated a selection of 17 stunning dresses that will make you shine on any occasion. The collection is divided in two categories, to help you navigate your search – short dresses and long dresses.

You will find a selection of classic styles, modern takes on a sequin dress, and even options for some of those most daring designs.

Happy shopping!

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17 Best Sequin Dresses for Any Budget

Below our the top picks for the prettiest sequin dresses – they come in a variety of different cuts, to make sure you find one that’s right just for you.

The dresses are also all super affordable and good quality – we sourced these picks directly from Asos. Let’s dive in and choose your favorites!

Short Sequin Dresses

Short sequin dresses are perfect for more informal occasions, outdoor events, or if you simply want to have more freedom to move around and dance.

When choosing the cut and style, remember to consider the type of event you are attending, and how often would you like to wear the dress. Usually the more classic and simple you go, the more often you can also wear the dress.

Short sequin dresses are also pretty easy to update and dress down as needed, with a leather jacket and boots for a more casual style.

1. London kimono wrap sequin mini dress

2. Wrap front tulle mini dress with flutter sleeve

204732578 1 taupeblush2

3. Collective the Label exclusive bandeau sequin mini dress

204258222 1 lightgold2

4. High neck large sequin romper in green

204257782 1 green2

5. French Connection festival sequin mini cami dress

202600990 1 multisequin2

6. Jaded Rose Plus one shoulder wrap front mini dress

202471537 1 silver2 edited

7. Jaded Rose Tall mini dress with bow detail

203350468 1 palepink2 edited

8. Sequin off shoulder dress in emerald green

203290507 1 emeraldgreen2 edited

9. Band Of Stars mini dress with low centre back in black

202805620 1 black2

10. Style Cheat sequin wrap tie mini dress in silver

203530446 1 silver2

11. Style Cheat one shoulder drape sequin mini dress in gold

203530108 1 gold2

Long Sequin Dresses

If you fancy something that makes a real statement, a long sequin dress is a showstopper.

It’s a popular choice, especially for bridesmaids’ dresses or more formal occasions, but your dress can easily transition to a more casual look by updating your accessories.

Whether you like them more modest or revealing, our selection below will offer plenty of inspiration to find the perfect sequin dress for you!

12. Sequin and fringe artwork cami midi dress in silver

202779761 1 silver2

13. Long sleeve maxi tulle dress with tonal delicate sequin

204732938 1 black2

14. Kimono sleeve maxi tulle dress with tonal sequin

204732896 1 emeraldgreen2

15. Sequin long sleeve wrap wedding dress in white

202720997 1 white2

16. Sequin dress with batwing sleeve and wrap waist

12074317 1 palegold2

17. Sequin halter maxi dress with high split in silver

203396722 1 silver2

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