stylish ways to display your copper cookware

Every time I see copper cookware I imagine some of that gorgeous French-styled kitchen from the home interior magazines. Natural colors, mild wooden elements, white cabinets, marble counters, and open- shelves.

No matter what style is your kitchen, you can always bring the atmosphere you like with some accessories, and kitchen tools. If you need inspiration, today you can see stylish ideas on how to display copper cookware in your home.

Because your kitchen is one of the most special rooms of your home. It deserves to be designed functionally, modern, and not least stylish. Use copper cookware to bring some retro-vintage spirit of the French countryside, where the flavor of freshly baked croissants and pastries is in the air.

1Farmhouse Style

The charm of the farmhouse style make the copper cookware even more sparkling.

2Marrakesh Inspiration

Colorful, vibrant tiles that perfectly fit with copper cookware.

3Herbs And Copper

Just imagine the taste of homemade dinner with dry herbs, all cooked in copper pot!

4Copper Cookware Scale

So vintage, and retro! It will add more spirit of your kitchen for sure.

5Copper Cookware Above The Table

source: Tara Sgroi

If you love to cook you definetely need that much cookware. Displayed in this way you can reach the perfect pan to glaze your aspergues.

6Copper Cookware Wire Hangers

Ideal way to hang your cookware just above your kitchen isle. You can hang as many as you want, plus to add some gorgeous green plant, or a pot with fresh herbs.

7Clay And Copper Cookware Mix

Vintage cabinet with farmhouse sign, copper cookware, and clay jars where you can keep flour, sugar, or cookies.

8Copper Cookware Puzzle

Mix and match different pans, pots, baking trays as piece of art hanged on your wall.

9Copper Wall

A royal blue accents, mixed with white and black tiles… Add some gold hues with cookware and you will get the perfect kitchen.

10Kitchen Isle


One of my dream is to have a kitchen big enough for a kitchen isle. I will definetley hang the cookware in this way.

11Copper Stove

A stove like this one is more than enough as an accent in your kitchen.

12Open Shelves

Open shelvs give more space and air in your kitchen. Make them spectacular with the right kitchen tools, and accessories.

13French Style

French inspiration ideal for your countryside home.

14Lilac Magic

I can feel the freshness of the spring!

15French Farmhouse

Retro baskets, white cabinets, and natural tiles. So french, and chic.

16White Contrast

White is the best way to add more contrast with the copper cookware arranged in your kitchen.

17Open White Shelves

Pure classic. All white and shiny honey copper elements.

18Copper Vase

Little touch of savory beauty.

19Typical French Style

stylish ways to display your copper cookware

20City Kitchen Inspiration

Your city home can also have a retro spirit with the right cookware around the stove.

21Along the Counter

Impressive cookware display that I can imagine in big kitchen.


23Practical Idea

24Wood And Copper Combination

25Modern Kitchen Style

26Timeless Style