Summer Wedding Refreshment Ideas

Is your big day coming up? Wedding planning can be stressful, but the big day is well worth it – you’ll be surrounded by your family and friends, and you’ll get to commit to the love of your life. 

Making your special day perfect requires a lot of consideration, and you’ll need to feed your guests, too. But which are the perfect snacks for a summer wedding?

Keep reading for the ultimate guide to planning your summer wedding refreshments. You’ll be spoilt for choice with these delicious and aesthetically pleasing ideas!

Summer Wedding Refreshment Ideas

What Do You Need To Consider For Summer Wedding Refreshments?

There are many practical reasons why you’ll need plenty of refreshments throughout your summer wedding. It’s going to be an all-day affair, from the hair and make up through to the ceremony, photos, and celebrations. Here’s why you need to provide plenty of refreshment:

  • Dehydration – If it’s hot out, your guests will quickly become restless, fussy, overheated, and dehydrated. Providing them with plenty of non-alcoholic drinks and refreshments will stop anyone from fainting and ruining your big day.
  • Alcohol – At most weddings, people drink—a lot. There’s nothing worse than drinking on an empty stomach, and you don’t want your wedding guests to be too rowdy too soon. So, provide them plenty of food to soak up the champagne, prosecco, and cocktails they’ll be drinking.
  • Boredom – Although weddings get fun later on, there can be some waiting around. Providing plenty of little snacks, crudites, and beverages will help guests keep themselves busy while photos are being taken and bridesmaids are getting ready.

Snacks are more important than you think at a wedding, so don’t skimp out! Finding affordable and exciting refreshment ideas will help to make your day truly perfect.

Summer Wedding Refreshment Ideas

Whether you’re sealing the deal at home, church, or a picturesque venue, you can try out these summer wedding refreshments to keep your guests happy and give them some sustenance!

Wedding Popcorn

Wedding popcorn is the perfect refreshment idea for a summer wedding. You want to give your guests plenty of nibbles, but you don’t want to ruin their appetite! You’ll pay for their dinner, so you want them to eat a lot! 

Wedding popcorn has pretty blue sprinkles and is drizzled in wedding cake icing. And, if you choose Safe & Fair, you can rest easy knowing the ingredients and packaging have been ethically sourced! Your guests can enjoy this snack at the reception, before the ceremony, and while photos are happening. 

Watermelon Sparkling Water

While champagne is delicious, your guests can’t drink it all day without having major regrets! So, you’ll need some delicious non-alcoholic beverages to keep them hydrated throughout the day.

Watermelon sparkling water comes in sustainable cardboard packaging, so you won’t be making a massive contribution to the landfill if your guest list is long. Simply provide some recycling bins around the grounds, and you can recycle them once the day is done! 


Want a decadent hydrating drink to put on display at your wedding? Try some no-jitos! You can mix sparkling water, syrup, lime, and mint to create a beautiful drink. Try adding a few strawberries to make the colors pop.

With the combination of lime and mint, this drink is hugely refreshing. And it’ll keep your guests’ breath fresh throughout the day (so Aunt June won’t be making your guests uncomfortable with her dragon breath!).

Iced Coffee

Staying awake throughout the wedding day can be difficult. There’s much waiting around, and the atmosphere can become dull and stale.

That’s the last thing you want during your ceremony. You want your guests to be vibrant and excited. So, why not provide lovely iced coffee drinks in mason jars before the ceremony? 

Cake Balls

Cake balls are a great little snack for your guests and are amazing for soaking up champagne. It’s easy to find bulk-buy cake balls, and you can visit your local Costco store to stock up.

Simply pop them onto a few trays, and you have some aesthetically pleasing snacks that add fun pastel colors to your wedding venue.

Mini Bruschetta

Mini bruschetta is the perfect finger food addition to a rustic Italian-style wedding. It’s colorful and elegant and can satisfy any savory cravings your guests have while they wait. Making mini bruschetta only requires ciabatta, tomatoes, onions, basil, olive oil, and seasoning.

So, you can easily prepare some bruschetta mix the evening before to give to your wedding staff – weddings aren’t budget-friendly, and cutting costs where you can make all the difference!


Doughnuts make an excellent and affordable option for your summer wedding – opting for jam doughnuts will help you provide your guests with a refreshing, sweet snack.

You can either get your caterer to make your doughnuts, or you can simply purchase some from your local patisserie (or even from Dunkin’ Donuts if you like to keep things down to earth).

Ice Cream

Ice cream is the perfect refreshing snack for a summer wedding, and it’ll keep the kids happy, too! You can easily hire an ice cream van for the day if your wedding is taking place outside!

The vendor will be happy to provide your guests with delicious ice cream cones, and it will make your wedding feel more fun.


Are you feeling inspired by your stunning summer wedding? Make a shortlist of the ideas you like and start preparing for the big day – the earlier, the better!

These aesthetic and delicious snacks are bound to put your guests in a good mood and make your wedding a special occasion for everyone. 

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