utensil organizer

Did you finally give up the war on clutter and are ready to organize your utensil drawer or those cooking tools you’ve been throwing in random drawers? Nothing could be easier!

First thing first – there are a couple of storage options to choose from before you select your organizer. Some people swear by using the drawer utensil organizer which helps to keep their counters free of clutter and everything is out of sight. They also tend to store a lot more stuff.

Others prefer to have everything within super easy reach instead of opening a drawer every time they need a spoon.

For each of the options, there is an easy solution that will finally put an end to your kitchen chaos. Whether you choose to go completely DIY, re-purpose your other household items or simply order a new one from a store, this small upgrade for your kitchen will make a huge difference in your every day life.

We’ve picked just a few of the most popular ones from the crafty folks at Pinterest – follow us here for more inspiration.

1Wooden DIY Drawer Organizer

2Matching Set of Utensils with Utensil Organizer


3Secret Utensil Holder

4Deep Utensil Organizer

5Counter Top Organizer with Water Drip Protection


6DIY Solution


7Drawer Organizer DIY

8Repurpose Idea

9Elegant Knife and Utensil Organizer

10Country Style Wire Basket Organizer

11DIY Diagonal Organizer


12Easy and Affordable Solution

13Simple Drawer Organizer

source: Pinterest

14Trash to Treasure Solution

15Elegant Utensils Organizer for Drawer

source: amazon.com

16Build your Own Utensil Drawer

17Silhouettes for Drawer Organizer

18Counter Organizer

source: Pinterest

19Another Upcycling Hack

source designthefurniture.com

20Counter Station

21Cabinet Organizer with Utensils Holder

22Flea Market Utensil Organizer Idea

23Simple Tray Organizer for Drawer

24The Posh One

25Thinking of out the Box Solution


26Expandable Bamboo Organizer


27For Most Used Items


28Crafty Organization


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