8 Bathroom Ideas That Just Might Work for You

There are only three rooms in a house that you can be quite sure will be frequented by people who come visit you and your family: the living room, the dining area AND, the bathroom – so why not take the time to decorate it in a way that will make you and your visitors feel more at home!

Your bathroom is possibly the only room in your house that all household members use and is also the most frequented room by visitors, so why not spice it up from simple countertop decors on your bathroom vanity to statement fixtures and furniture – and make it the room that catches everyone’s eye.

To help get you started, we gathered 8 of the best ideas perfect to elevate your bathroom.

8 Bathroom Ideas That Just Might Work for You

1. Choose The Perfect Theme

In-room decorations, appliances, and other fixtures there is just one rule you should never disregard and that is: coordination is key.

Your bathroom’s necessary fix-ins such as a toilet and sink will have to co-exist with the essentials you’ll be putting out both for your family and guests who will be using the bathroom.

This can mean anywhere from paper towel holders, soap dishes to even toilet covers.

With the amount of stuff inside your bathroom, choosing a theme and coordinating the style, color, and size with each other will prevent your bathroom from looking like a hodgepodge of mismatched furniture and set the tone of your bathroom. Choose a theme that suits your house well and watch as your bathroom becomes everyone’s place of comfort!

2. Divide The Toilet And Powder Area From The Shower Area

This may seem like an inconsequential repair but this would save you from some of the most common bathroom mishaps out there. 

If your bathroom is one lang room that connects the powder area (sink) and then the toilet and then lastly the shower area with no divide whatsoever, then most often than not your bathroom may always be wet and slippery thanks to the use of the shower area – this can cause accidents, discomfort and honestly is enough to just ruin someone’s mood.

Making sure that your shower area is divided whether with heightened or lowered flooring, installation of shower doors, or even just a shower curtain will save you and your family from messy bathroom floors and the possible mishaps that may occur.

3. Ditch The Toilet Freshener For A Humidifier Or Air Freshener

A lot of us use those small circular fresheners meant to be hung under the toilet as a way to make sure that your bathroom won’t reek of the smell of pee and other unfortunate odors that stick to your toilet.

Unfortunately, not only are those kinds of freshener limited to just the toilet area while the odor actually spreads through your whole bathroom but those little circles tactic of overpowering the toilet’s odor with a stronger odor of their own often ends up irritating the bathroom user’s nose and sense of smell.

This is why a switch to a milder but more wide range humidifier or air freshener will work wonders on your bathroom’s smell.

These longer-range air fresheners dissipate the toilet’s strong odor not by combating it with an odor but by actively working on circulating the air of the whole bathroom leaving it fresher and smelling better for those who will use it.

4. Fog-proof Your Mirror

Bathroom mirrors are conveniently placed above the sink for those who freshen up while visiting the bathroom, go to the sink to brush their teeth, or use the bathroom as the space for them to prepare before going out.

Because of this, bathroom mirrors have this nasty habit of fogging up, accumulating dried water droplet marks and plainly being a pain in the ass as time goes by.

A few simple tricks such as spraying the mirror with a mixture of vinegar and water or washing it down with a solid bar of soap can prevent this!

Use these tricks as you clean your mirror and watch your mirror go fog-free for weeks on end, saving you, your family, and your visitors the hassle of looking at the mirror and only seeing a blob of colors instead of yourselves.

5. Avoid Cloth Decorations

Besides the needed floor mats and towels, it might be best to pack up your dangling crocheted Santa Claus or that cloth organizer on top of the toilet – they may look good aesthetically, but these cloth decorations may be harboring unwanted dirt, chemicals, and bacteria.

It is a common belief that to make sure cloth decorations are not compromised, you just have to avoid getting them wet; this is both true and false.

True in a way that getting them wet directly is one of the surefire ways of compromising these decorations BUT it is not the only way. Bathrooms are one of the rooms with either no or poor air ventilation inside your room.

This would mean that your bathroom is prone to the humidity and lack of fresh air that bacteria and dirt thrive in – this humidity can pave the way for bacteria from other places in the bathroom to find their way to the cloth decorations and stick themselves there even without direct contact.

To keep you and your family safe from unwanted bacteria, it may be time to throw away cloth bathroom decorations in general for a few safer options!

6. Keep Your Bathroom Doors Open During Nighttime

Hear us out – households are generally accustomed to keeping bathroom doors closed when not in use, the reasons for this range from valid reasons such as so that the smell in the bathroom doesn’t seep out to a few baseless ones like it is rude to leave a bathroom door open because a person who has no intention of going into the bathroom should not be able to see where one does one’s business.

We understand that this has already been an age-old custom which is why we are here with a compromise: to only open it during nighttime just before everyone goes to bed.

As we previously said, bathrooms have the poorest air ventilation in your entire home, meaning, odors, bacteria, and other mildly harmful organisms thrive in it – in the room where we expect to be clean.

With this, opening your bathroom door at night and letting natural air into the room will aid in killing all of these annoying and harmful organisms and generally help in making your bathroom odor-free.

You have nothing to worry about as opening your bathroom doors won’t transfer the bacteria and odors to other parts in your house but instead release them to clean air and higher temperatures, a change they will not survive – leaving your bathroom clean and safe from all those nasty organisms.

7. Hang A Decor or Indicator On Your Bathroom Door

This tip is for everyone who wants to make their visitor feel at ease in their house.

Having a decoration, indicator, or even just a cute little trinket hanging on your bathroom door makes it easier for them to navigate your house and find the bathroom adding “it’s the door with the flower on the door” at the end of your instructions when they ask for help in getting to the bathroom allows them to find it without the worry of opening wrong doors, a sure way that they’ll be able to get to the bathroom immediately and return to you to resume your day’s fun activities!

8. Decorate Your Bathroom With Low-Maintenance Plants

Plants make any space look comfier, appealing and add fresh air to make it more refreshing. With this, adding low-maintenance plants may be the perfect bathroom decorations you’re looking for.

Just hanging one or two or placing them at the corner of the bathroom will surely freshen your bathroom’s overall feel!

One thing you have to be mindful of is choosing the correct plant. Look into placing a plant with high oxygen emissions that does not require a lot of sunlight to make sure they thrive in your bathroom and last long.

Plants make everything a little bit better so let’s use them to make your bathroom just a little bit better as well.

Final Thoughts

In general, making your bathroom just a little bit comfier and better this year doesn’t have to require big pricey changes.

Being more mindful of your bathroom’s ventilation, placement in the house, and making it more accessible to everyone goes a long way in bettering the quality of use for both your household and your visitors.

Before focusing too much on purely aesthetic changes, you might want to re-check your bathroom’s functionality first and focus on remedying issues you find!

We suggest going over our list and using it to start your bathroom’s make-over. We’re here to help your house’s bathroom not just look better but be safer and better as well.

As previously said, bathrooms are probably one of the rooms most-frequented and most used by everyone in your house and everyone who comes over to visit, which is why it’s best to start your year right and begin your home renovations and alterations with your most-used room, it’s time to revamp your bathroom!

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