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Bedroom Plants: 20+ Ways to Style Air Purifying and Cool Looking Plants

Plants seems to have exploded on Instagram lately. It may be due to most of us being forced to spend a lot more time indoors (Thanks Covid-19!!) or simply learning to embrace a bit of nature even in the middle of an urban jungle.

Whether you’re a plant virgin or a seasoned plant mom, we thought you might like a bit of inspiration for styling your bedroom. In the end it’s the place where you spend a lot of your time and adding a few air purifying plants will certainly improve not just the quality of air in the room, but also your sleep.

No matter how big or small your bedroom may be, plants will fit almost anywhere and you can find gorgeous house plants in all shapes and sizes.

Are you ready to get insipired?

Below are some of the most gorgeous plant styling examples for bedroom found on Pinterest.

Add a Shelf

If you have a very small bedroom, adding a shelf unit is the easiest way to get extra storage place and also a fabulous way to display your plants! Mix them with your favorite decor pieces or framed prints.


Curtain Rail Plant Hangers

What a better way to style your bedroom window than with these gorgeous plants? If you don’t use your curtains a lot, this is a nice way to fill an empty space above the bed.


Peace Lily

Peace Lily is probably the most known air purifying plant so it should have a dedicated spot in your bedroom. Mix it with rattan planters to enhance the natural look even more.


Statement Plant

Choose one statement plant that will dominate the space and build your plant colony around it.


Touch of Wicker

Wicker plant baskets are super popular now and on the examples in here you can see why. They make any place look more boho, natural and chic in a second.


Add Height

If you find yourself having an empty corner where you can’t fit any furniture, a tall plant will do a great job of filling in the space and adding some extra height.


Use Mirror with Plants

Mirrors work magic with plants. They not only optically make the room bigger, but multiply the view of your other green friends making the room look even more lush.

source: Pinterest

Low Light Plants

Dark bedroom? No problem. There are lots of plants that thrive even in dark places, like this snake plant.


Small Bedroom Solution

If you’re worried your tiny bedroom can’t accommodate any plants, this solution is clearly the proof it can work!

When you sign up!

Bedroom Jungle Feel

If you’re lucky enough to have a gorgeous wooden frame around your bed, go wild with flowers and transform the bedroom into an indoor jungle.


Pothos Plant

Pothos plants are some of the most versatile out there – they are easy to keep alive, look great and you can use the branches to spread them around as needed.


Boho Paradise

How would you like waking up looking at a green oasis? I wouldn’t say no to that!


Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant

Loved by interior designers and Instagram influencers alike. This plant is absolutely gorgeous but needs lots and lots of light. Do your research before you buy one as they are not the easiest to care for.


Cactus in Bedroom

Don’t be afraid to mix and match your plants. Cactus makes a welcome addition and best bit – it’s very low maintenance.


Wall of Plants

You can use plants to also visually divide space in your bedroom, without losing the ability to see through the room.


Bedroom Plants & Lights

Lights and plants – a match made in heaven.


Plants Instead of Night Table

Create a green oasis corner next to your bed instead of using the traditional nigh table and lamp set up.


For Minimalist Bedroom

If you don’t want to go wild, even a minimalist bedroom can be transformed with a few green plants.


White Green Bedroom

Pothos overload combined with angelic white bedroom setting.


Small Plant Shelf

One of my favorite ones – statement plant in window, mirrors to reflect greenery and a selection of small cute plants on a shelf.


Hanging Basket

Baskets are great for small bedrooms where you don’t have enough floor space and can help to transform the room without taking additional space.


Window Display

If you’re lucky enough to have big windows, your plants will love you for letting them use it as their permanent home. It’s also super useful if you don’t want to use curtains every day as the plants block most of the views from the street.


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