dipping sauce for spring rolls

It is time to enjoy the first warmer sunlight, fresh spring air with delicious meals. Fresh spring rolls are the ideal appetizers for your Saturday brunch with your friend and family. Imagine crispy garden-fresh vegetables, tidily wrapped with some herbs, and shrimps if you want to be richer in flavors. Oh, wait, did you forget something? Dipping sauce for spring rolls of course!

No matter if you serve rainbow, garlic chicken, sesame avocado, or shrimp spring rolls the dipping sauce is giving you the rich splashing savor. Once you taste it you will like another, and another. If you want to have a secret sauce recipe for your fresh, crispy spring rolls, you are in the right place. We have selected some of the best sauces you can try to make at home.

So be ready for a dip, eat, and repeat! Because the spring rolls are never enough especially when they are served with the best dipping sauces!

1Ginger Dipping Sauce For Spring Rolls

Simple, easy, and extremely tasty. Blend soy sauce, sugar and vinegar, lemon juice, garlic, and ginger. Finish with chopped green onions.

2 Nuoc Cham

Traditional Vietnamese sauce that is ready in minutes. You will need fish sauce, lime juice, water and sugar.

3Asian Sweet Chile Sauce

If you like hot and spicy, this sauce is just for you. You need grounded chilies, oil, and salt. It is a great base if you want to play with flavors and add some ginger, or garlic, sesame, or even soybeans.

4Pomegranate Dipping Sauce For Spring Rolls

Usually, pomegrante sauces are ideally for poultry, but it goes perfectly well with fried spring rolls too.

5Spicy Queso Dipping Sauce For Spring Rolls

Deep fried spring rolls and cheesy spicy queso, ideal for your beer and cheers party.

6Buffalo Sauce

A mixture of hot sauce, butter, Worcestershire sauce, vinegar and seasoning. Once you find the most balanced tastes for you you will forget about the sauce from the supermarket.

7Duck Sauce

Made on a plum basis, with some apricots, or pineapple touches, this dipping sauce is everything you need from spring rolls to roasted meats.

8Szechuan Sauce

All typical spices like ginger, garlic, soy, and red paper are almost boiled in a pan. Add some cornstarch to geet the creamy texture.

9Teriyaki Dipping Sauce For Spring Rolls

You need just four components for the easiest and incredibly delcious Asian sauce.

10Sweet And Tangy Sauce

11Nam Jim Jaew

12Chiu Chow Chili Sauce

Once you try this you will want to put it on every meal. Just tasty and delicious.

13Trio Dipping Sauces For Spring Rolls

Not sure which sauce goes better with your spring rolls? Here are 3 simple and classic sauce recipes.

14Thai Peanut Dipping

If you serve fresh spring rolls with raw veggies, peanutbutter sauce is the perfect choice.

15Sweet And Sour Sauce

16Hoisin Dipping Sauce

The real authnetic Asian taste thanks to the hausin sauce will make your spring rolls irresistible.

17Spicy Red Curry Paste

When you need something more spicy and hot this sauce is just for you.

18Ginger Peanut Sauce

Your colorful rainbow spring rolls goes with ginger peanut dipping souce. Serve a real sunshine to your guests.

19Peanut Sauce

Penanut butter, some rice wine vinegar, coconut milk, soy souce, and ginger. Everything mixed into a creamy texture for yummy spring rolls dip.

20Almond Butter Sauce

Extremely creamy, tangy, and spicy- almond butter sauce will make you skip the dessert.

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dipping sauce for spring rolls