Hey, the spring is just about the corner, long days are coming when cheers and beers party is happening every day! It is a wonderful theme for a birthday party or just an idea for a great celebration for the weekend.

Cheers and beer party is the perfect idea when you want to get your friends around, and have some real party time. It is an easy-going, super friendly and natural atmosphere which all love. So, everyone who loves cold brew and leisure types of parties is invited.

Here is what you need to plan the coolest cheers and beers party!

1Cheers And Beers Party Decoration

No matter if it is for a birthday party, or you need to get your friends along, get cheers and beer party decoration. It will make your party one of a kind. Beer mugs balloons, sunglasses, cake, and cupcake toppers. There is plenty of great party stuff, that rise the party spirit of your guests.

2Cheers And Beers Party Food

Good food is an obligatory element of each party. Do not think that a few bowls full of chips are enough. Make sure you offer good quality food to your guests. Match the appetizers and snack ideas based on the beer types. Mini burgers, buffalo chicken meatballs, BBQ chicken wings, pizza bites, or pretzels. There are a variety of options to choose from.

3Serve It Cool

When it comes to beer, you need to serve it at the right temperature. If you organize your cheers and beer party outside on a really hot day, make sure you have enough ice to keep it cool. Fill your garden wheelbarrow with ice and you will have the perfect beverage cooler and your guests will appreciate it.

4Cheers And Beers Party Activities

Keep the spirit of your party on the highest levels. Offer your guests fun activities to take part in. A Beer-pong and a fun beer photo booth with a special hashtag of your party will collect a lot of great memories on social networks. Test your guest’s knowledge of beer types by offering several types of craft brews.

5Cheers And Beers Snacks

Salty, spiced nuts, chips, and dorittos, cheese dips, little smokies, are just a few ideas on great cheers and beers party snacks.

6Cheers And Beers Party Beverages

Sure there is a variety of beer- cans, bottles, or kegs. Do not forget to add beverages for the people who might like to have something different than beer. Siders, soda, and water, and of course non-alcoholic brews.

7Cheers And Beers Must Have

An idea for the true beer lovers- a beer bar. Blow out your guests mind with this beer bar where they will be able to pour themselves a mug of beer exactly like in “Cheers” TV show.

How To Plan Cheers & Beers Party

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