5 Things To Consider When Finding A Divorce Lawyer

Typically, entering the process of divorce may leave you confused and overwhelmed. After all, the whole idea of legally ending a relationship can be complicated, especially if you don’t know where to begin. 

So, if you begin thinking about divorce, it’s best to hire a divorce lawyer to help you stay ahead of the curve and minimize your worries. However, just like other hiring processes, looking for a legal professional can be a daunting task. 

To make sure you get the perfect legal representation, below are five things to consider when finding a divorce lawyer: 

Years Of Experience

Similar to doctors, lawyers also have specializations or areas of expertise. This means that if you want to end your marriage to your spouse legally, be sure to hire a lawyer who’s skilled in handling divorce cases. 

To ensure you get a lawyer who is highly experienced in the area of family law, ask some questions during the interview phase. These questions can include:

  • What percentage of their law practice is devoted to family law?
  • How long have they been admitted to the legal profession?
  • Did they handle cases similar to yours? Have they won these cases?

In addition to these questions, you may also ask if they have a certification of specialization in family law. This is good reassurance that you’ll be working with someone who can help you navigate the divorce proceedings. Lastly, don’t hesitate to check if the one you’re considering is familiar with the state laws and the local rules and regulations in the country where you file a divorce. 

For example, if you’re living in California, be sure to find a lawyer who knows the process for getting a divorce in California. That way, you’ll rest assured that your case will be handled properly. 


Another important consideration to keep in mind is the reputation of the divorce lawyer. Generally, most reputable lawyers are those being referred by your family and friends. Hence, if you’re searching for the right one, you can ask your family and friends who have undergone the same divorce process for some referral. 

Once you obtain a list of potential lawyers, don’t hesitate to conduct some research and ask around. For example, you can call your prospects and see if they can also provide some references who can attest to the work ethics they have. Also, you can browse through their websites and check for some online reviews to get to know their reputation better. 

Availability And Focus

When searching for a divorce lawyer, it’s also important to evaluate how engaged and available they are in handling their cases. This means you should consider the level of attention as well as the caseload that the legal professional provides during the meeting. 

In most cases, a lawyer who’s distracted may be unable to give your divorce case the focus it needs. As such, don’t be afraid to assess how easy is it is to communicate with them once your case starts. 


Finding a divorce lawyer also means looking for someone whom you can feel comfortable around and you can trust from beginning to end. 

Generally, divorce cases can be an emotional process, which is why you need legal counsel whom you can depend on during this frustrating period of your life. Not only that, but the lawyer you should hire is someone who can give their honest opinion about sensitive topics, including why you should avoid child custody battles. 


Another thing you want to know when hiring a divorce lawyer is the amount of money they charge for their legal services. Most divorce lawyers charge per hour and require a retainer fee. Since a divorce proceeding can be expensive, it’s best to look for someone whom you can afford to hire to avoid problems later on.

In doing so, you should request for an estimate of the total amount you’re going to pay. While they can’t provide you the exact figure, the estimate will give you an idea as to the amount of fees you’ll end up owing a lawyer after your divorce case is settled.

Bottom Line

Indeed, going through the process of divorce is never easy. With many things at stake during this tumultuous period, you don’t have to make it any harder on yourself by working with the right divorce lawyer for your situation. 

Fortunately, by considering the things listed above, you’ll be more confident to find a legal counsel who’s experienced, reputable, and honest when handling your divorce.

Julie Higgins
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