Why it’s OK to Wait

Every day, we’re bombarded with pressures to do something. Society has drilled the idea that if you don’t do something now, then you never will. It can be finding a relationship or having kids. It could be quitting your job and following your dream. It could be planning for your future. Regardless, just do it. 

But life is often inconvenient. It rarely aligns with what you need of it right here, right now.

So as much as it might feel there’s pressure on you to do that thing, whatever it is, immediately, taking your time and waiting until the time is right can prove beneficial. 

Because throwing yourself headlong into a situation when you’re not ready can be disastrous and put you in a worse position than when you started. So, if you’re sick of the pressures of friends, family, and Facebook, take some solace in learning why it’s okay to wait. 

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If you’re a certain age and tell people you don’t want kids (at least not yet), they look at you like you’ve spat on their grandmother’s grave.

But some people aren’t parental. They are focused on other things like their career, their hobbies, or just getting their life together. 

Having kids before you’re ready can be disruptive for both you and the children you bring into the world. They add extra responsibilities that you may not be prepared for, so understand it’s okay not to have kids just yet.

You’ll have them, either through traditional means or adoption, whenever you’re ready. 

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Being single when everyone around you is finding partners can be tough, especially at this time of year, where a focus on togetherness is emphasized.

However, while you might think that you, too, would be happier with a relationship and eventually marriage, you can’t rush things. 

They say you shouldn’t look for someone else until you’re happy with yourself. While your partner will no doubt support you (if they’re right for you, anyway), it comes with added baggage that could prevent your relationship blossoming. 

If you’re already in a relationship and are dealing with not-so-subtle hints about marriage, it’s essential to wait until it’s financially possible.

There’s no point in spending big if you can’t afford it. Instead, it’s okay to wait to find fine quality jewelry for your bride so she can look as special as you make her feel on that big day.  

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Everybody has something they love to do to distract them from the monotony of their day-to-day. Everybody is also encouraged to chase that passion, quit their job, and get rich and famous working for themselves. 

You can’t expect following your passion will be lucrative, though. So if you keep pushing on modestly, write, draw, dance, or create in your spare time.

If it’s meant to be something more, then it will be, but not if you chase it without considering anyone else. 

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We’ve all done things out of impulse before, and too many times, we’ve regretted it. Making impulse purchases is one of the most significant issues that cause people to struggle with managing their money, and so this is why you should wait to make a purchase no matter how much you think you need it. 

You never need anything as much as you might think, and with unexpected expenses always looming around the corner, one wrong impulse buy can bring about money troubles that can be difficult to overcome. 


You have no choice but to wait for the future, but that doesn’t stop a lot of people getting antsy about what that future might bring. When waiting for your life to progress, it’s easy to do what you can to accelerate this time, but the future will come when it’s ready. 

Trying to leap out in front can cause a plethora of problems. You’ll start things without being ready. You’ll take on tasks and projects you may not be able to commit to, and you’ll end up disappointing you and others.

If you take each day as it comes, you’ll have much more success when the future finally arrives. 

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Playing The Waiting Game

It wouldn’t be responsible to discuss the virtues of waiting without also considering the effects of waiting too long. While it’s fine to wait around, it’s important to remember that you’re waiting until you feel ready and not for something to fall into your lap.

If you ignore signs that the world is available for you to take that next step, you risk waiting much longer for another opportunity to arise. 

Worth the Wait

There will be times during your waiting period where you want to break free and go for it anyway, but having the patience and understanding to know when the time is right to go ahead with your plans is crucial. 

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