Quick Car Maintenance Tips and Hacks for Busy Women

Maintaining a car is difficult, especially for women who have busy schedules. It takes filling up the fluids, cleaning after you are home, checking on the tires’ pressure and many more.

Those who can’t go for a regular maintenance appointment can follow some steps to keep their car in a reliable state. They can learn how to take care of their vehicle from the car’s manual. 

If you’re still facing difficulties in maintaining your car, read the following tips to ensure your vehicle’s well-being. 

Car Maintenance Tips and Hacks

Read the Car Manual

We know it’s not as engaging as a novel, but reading a car manual can give you insights into some important information about your car. 

The car’s manual has valuable resources that explain various warning signs and signals and give information about your car’s warranty, maintenance schedule, etc. 

Read the manual to understand your car’s maintenance requirements and if you don’t understand anything ask questions at your next service appointment. 

Keep Your Car Tidy

Being a mom or having a hectic work schedule can leave your car as a vast canvas to try new crayons on or a place to leave leftovers, especially if you own a roomy car like the Jeep. These can leave permanent stains or weird odors. 

Maintaining a clean car will enhance your jeep’s appearance and prevent rust. So, we’ll advise you to invest in backseat organizers or jeep seat covers if you want to avoid costly repairs in the long run. 

Check Tires

The tires must stay in good shape for a car to function efficiently. For instance, worn-out tires can be risky during bad weather conditions, making braking and steering difficult.

Moreover, if the tire is over-inflated or deflated, it can lead to fuel loss or even accidents. You can buy a digital tire pressure gauge and an electric air compressor if your busy schedule doesn’t allow regular tire maintenance appointments.

Check Fluids

A simple habit of checking car fluid levels now and then can help you stay aware of the fluid level and replace it on time. Low fluids can damage the car system. For instance, running low on engine oil can shut off your car.

Similarly, to avoid overheating and maintain a cooling system, coolant is crucial. Brake fluid is essential to maintain brake performance. Maintaining the level of power steering fluid ensures smooth and responsive steering. 

Lastly, topping up windshield washer fluid is crucial for a clean and obstructed view. 

Learn Basic Repairs

While major car issues can’t be resolved without a professional’s help, there are some basic techniques you can learn to pull yourself out of difficult situations. 

Learning to fix your car can be a significant time and money saver. You can start with something as basic as restoring the headlights and gradually, you can opt for big tasks like changing the tire

Travel With An Emergency Kit

While maintaining a car, it is crucial to organize it and as a part of organizing, you should keep an emergency kit.

This kit can include various things, like a flashlight, jumper cables, a first aid kit, spare tires or some safety equipment. These essentials can be lifesavers in unexpected situations. 


Regular car washes or following the maintenance schedules may seem like low-priority tasks when you’re busy. But these are vital if you want your car to last for a long time. 

You can maintain your vehicle, save time and money and ensure your car remains reliable by following the tips we’ve listed here. Remember, a well-maintained car can reduce your frustration and give you peace of mind. 

Julie Higgins
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