5 Tips For Moms Facing Child Custody Battles

Mothers are known for their patient, nurturing, and incredible natural love for their children. Yes, that could be true, and everyone knows it. Still, as a mother who has filed for child custody, you probably know that winning a custody case requires more than society’s stereotypical expectations of you having a soft spot for your children.

Thus, you probably don’t understand why some mothers find themselves losing child custody cases. So, if you’re a mother with a child custody case on the horizon, you’re probably stressed.

This is because you want the best for your child, but perhaps it’s time to stop relying solely on your feelings of motherhood to win your custody case and instead use your mind to focus on the critical factors that the judge could consider.

This article will give you six tips to win a child custody case. So, below are the tips:

Child Custody Battles
Divorced parents arguing about child custody on light background

1. Consult An Experienced Family Attorney

When faced with a child custody case, the first thing to do is find a high-skilled attorney. This is so you can get professional advice on how to handle the case as best you can.

For example, your attorney could assist you in determining who will stay with the child while the case is being heard and establishing fairgrounds for the person who will visit the child.

Getting an attorney will also help you face the custody case with reality since you’ll learn that even if you are a woman, there is no guarantee you will win child custody, and this will keep you alert, well prepared for the battle, and ready to win or lose.

However, because you’ll have worked with professionals like McKinney Figini, your chances of winning the custody case will be higher than if you relied on your own biased knowledge and hired a lawyer in the middle of the night.

2. Keep Your Child’s Best Interests In Mind

Child custody is more than just your disagreements with your father’s child. As a mother, you should know your child well enough to know what is best for them.

You could use this time to ask your child about their concerns and what they believe is best for them and assure your child that you and the father will continue to love and support them regardless of who wins the case.

Keeping your child’s best interests in mind will help the court understand that you’re looking out for your child’s safety rather than personal gratification in winning the custody case.

3. Collaborate With The Child’s Father

Now that you understand the importance of looking out for your child’s best interests, it’s easy to see how working in harmony with their father is also beneficial.

You may have had a bad divorce, and there may be tension between you two, but try to separate your emotional side from your ability to care for your child.

This means you’ll have to persuade the child’s father to agree to an out-of-court settlement because it will be faster and less expensive for both of you as you raise the child. So, try to be collaborative, and you’ll see how things improve.

4. Take Caution When Using Social Media

No matter how careful you are in your real life, it could still sabotage your case if you get careless on social media. Your use of social media may seem like just another thing you do because everyone is doing it, and no one seems too calculative about it while they are on their platforms.

However, you must be cautious about what you post on social media, especially if you face a custody case where anyone may judge your character simply based on how you conduct yourself there.

This means you must refrain from posting personal information on social media, including negative comments about your child’s father, as this could be used against you in court as an attempt to manipulate the child to hate their father.

It’s okay to feel how you feel but try to keep it to yourself and have trusted friends help you process your feelings if you need someone to talk to. And if you have something you must say to your child’s father, you must do so through your attorney.

5. Work On Improving Yourself

Because you’re involved in a custody dispute, be aware that every stone in your life will be turned and scrutinized.

This means that if you suspect anything could prevent you from winning the case, you must notify your attorney to get advice on dealing with it.

While hiring an attorney is essential in every step, make sure you’re being honest with both your attorney and yourself so that you know your child will be in good hands once you win the custody case.


Only a mother involved in a child custody case can understand the fear of losing the case. But facing the truth about your child’s best interests takes courage because your child’s victory is also your victory.

However, if you know you’re determined to win the custody case for other reasons, consulting with an attorney is the best first step to ensure you’re guided appropriately and your feelings of motherhood are restored.

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