6 Chimney Repair Hacks For Homeowners

A chimney is part of your home structure. It’s one of the parts homeowners neglect, often due to a lack of knowledge that maintenance is necessary.

Did you know that your chimney might require repairs here and there? What issues could your chimney have? Most of them revolve around cracks that lead to inefficiencies. 

What are the chimney repair hacks you can adopt as a homeowner? This article highlights them; read on!

Chimney Repair Hacks

1. Inspect Your Chimney

Your chimney is made of different parts, from the cap to the flue to the bricks. Each of these could need repairs, be it cracks or clogging. 

Suppose your bricks have cracks, and you want to repair them. It’d help to inspect the entire chimney and identify all the issues it might have.

Doing this prevents situations where you repair one part only for another to develop issues in a month or two. The new repairs might take you back to square one and add to your expenses.

It’s cheaper to handle issues at once instead of addressing each on its own time. 

Consider seeking assistance from experts, especially in inspecting the inner parts like the flue. Visit this website to see the services and additional services you’ll likely get from these experts.  

2. Confirm If You Need Permits

In most cases, you don’t need permits to do repairs in your home; the same applies to minor chimney repairs. However, a permit is warranted if the repairs involve the removal and replacement of some parts.    

The need for a permit differs from state to state. Ensure to check if you need one for your state. Also, check if your repairs require an inspection.  

Permits and inspections are necessary with major chimney repairs since fire is a hazard that might arise from your chimney.

As part of the repair hacks, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of the law, forcing you to redo the work or pay fines and penalties.

3. Wear PPEs

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a must-have for your chimney repairs. Your chimney is located at the roof level; you’ll be working at a height, making it necessary to protect yourself from bodily injuries. 

In this case, you require non-slip safety shoes. They should have an adequate grip to prevent slipping as you’re on the roof, making it a necessity.

Should you fall, the helmet will protect your head from injuries. 

Lastly, a harness is also essential. It’ll hold you in place should you slip. Instead of ending up on the ground, you’ll hang in the air, which is much better. 

As you choose your PPEs, ensure they’re of the right size. A shoe or helmet too big will do less to protect you.

4. Find A Suitable Time

The time you repair your chimney greatly affects the effectiveness of your repairs. Here, time references the temperature.  

It’s advisable to do your repairs when the temperatures are normal, preferably in the fall or spring. The aim is to have warm temperatures to cater to the curing needs of your chimney repairs when needed.

You want to avoid cold temperatures, less than 40 degrees.  

5. Always Have A Chimney Cap

The chimney cap is the cover of your chimney. It plays a major role in preventing debris and water from entering your chimney. Without the cap, it will likely develop issues like cracks due to moisture content.  

Therefore, if you have no chimney and have repairs, ensure you install a chimney cap after handling your repairs. If the cap is present, check to see if it has any issues.

If there are any, any repairs you do on your chimney won’t last. Your chimney works as one unit; the failure of one aspect more or less depicts the failure of the entire system within no time.

6. Always Work With A Water-Repellent

Moisture is the number one enemy of your chimney’s efficiency. Suppose you’ve adopted bricks for your chimney, and they absorb moisture.

They’ll likely experience expansion and contraction as the water evaporates, leading to cracks.  

Small cracks will lead to the escape of poisonous gases into your home, affecting the air quality, while large cracks could cause your chimney to collapse on your roof, causing the need for roof repair.  

However, once you spray a water-repellent after your repairs, it’ll seal off your bricks’ surfaces. The bricks won’t absorb moisture, causing catastrophes over time.

Ensure you apply the repellent correctly by having the bricks’ surfaces clean and spraying even coats of the repellent.  


Hacks ensure you execute a task efficiently without any hiccups. Hiccups range from wrong execution to getting on the wrong side of the law.

The discussion above has given hacks to maneuver chimney repairs. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to implement the guide to have an easy time with your repairs.

Should you get stuck, it’s okay to seek assistance from experts. Remember, asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness.

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