5 Apartment Design Tips for Small Spaces

If you are working far from home, you might have considered getting a room or an apartment unit close to your workplace. The most common units are those with studio-type design which is easy to maintain.

However, the space is usually good for one to two people and can be very limiting. But a small apartment space shouldn’t be a hindrance to you in making the most out of it.

In order for you to maximize your small apartment space, here are some small studio type room design ideas that you can explore: 

5 Apartment Design Tips for Small Spaces 1

1. Make Use of Colors to Your Advantage

Be smart in choosing the color of your wall paint and furniture. Having a scheme or a theme can make your room less cluttered. Light colors provide a fresher atmosphere.

Pastel colors can bring a more vibrant mood. Colors can also help you define spaces in your room.

When working with apartment colors, it’s best to use lighter hues as this helps make your space seem bigger.

While apartments may not offer as much flexibility in terms of painting your walls, using light colors for curtains, beddings, and other things in your apartment can help your small apartment space seem bigger than it really is. 

2. Add Height, Go Tall

One way to make your space seem bigger is by emphasizing the vertical dimension of your apartment. Use vertical space-consuming furniture and decorations.

Shelves that go from floor to ceiling and curtains hanging high from the ceiling can give an illusion of a bigger room so use them to your advantage.

Aside from the visual effect that building vertically can do on your apartment, having a lot of storage in tall shelves can help you free up your floor from clutter.

3. Show More Floor Space

It is important that you have more floor area so you can comfortably move in and around your unit.

You can achieve this by choosing furniture and decorations with less visual weight like hollow shelves, chairs and tables with thin legs, and glass-top coffee tables. 

You can also have wider floor space by maximizing the use of your walls. Wall-mounted appliances like TV and fans can help you save floor space. Using floating shelves instead of standing ones is also helpful.

4. Use Mirrors 

If you want to create an illusion of space, use reflective surfaces such as mirrors.

Large mirrors with thin or no frames at all can help in achieving the illusion that your room is bigger than it actually is.

Using floor-to-ceiling mirrors give the best results, but mirror options that are a bit smaller can also help.

5. Go With Foldable and Multipurpose Furniture

Maximize your space by using foldable furniture, like tables and chairs. You can use them when the need arises, then fold and keep them afterward.

There is also furniture that has more than one function. Sofa beds are becoming more popular, especially for those who are living alone.

Space-saving furniture is made for that exact purpose so use them to maximize the space in your small apartment.

Turn your small apartment space into a cozy space you can call home

Some apartments can be small, but it’s not reason enough for you not to be able to turn it into a place that you can call home.

With the 5 design tips above, you will be able to maximize the space in your small apartment, turning it into a very cozy space. 

By being able to make the most out of your limited space, your apartment can truly be your home away from home.

Julie Higgins
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