A Guide for Making Your Children Feel Comfortable in Hospitals

We’ve all heard horror stories about children hating to go to the doctor’s office or hospital, and many of us have experienced the same thing ourselves at one point or another.

However, these places don’t have to be scary, and there are plenty of ways to help your children feel comfortable so they aren’t afraid during their visit.

Here are the tips that can make visiting in medical centre Croydon and Cranbourne as easy as possible.

A Guide for Making Your Children Feel Comfortable in Hospitals 2

Ask Lots of Questions

When you arrive at a medical centre in Croydon and Cranbourne, don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions. You may be tempted to act as your child’s surrogate doctor or demand immediate answers – but take a deep breath and relax.

Often doctors aren’t ready to provide specific answers on their patient load, surgery times or other issues when you visit them during business hours.

The best way to get any real information is to ask lots of questions and stick around until they answer what they can (or give a good reason why they can’t). If there are multiple people at the reception that can help with any particular question, make sure you talk to them all before leaving.

Bring Comfort Items

There are so many things that you can bring along with you to make your child feel safe and comfortable. These items could include favourite toys, stuffed animals, snacks or even his/her own pillow.

If your child is old enough, have him/her explain what he/she needs from you to feel better about a doctor’s visit or treatment. Your medical centre Croydon and Cranbourne understands that each situation is different and will do their best to help!

Encourage Family Visits

The hospital can be a scary place for kids, especially if they’re there for long stretches. Studies show that just being around family members lowers children’s stress levels and improves their health.

Take them for breaks outside of your hospital room whenever possible, and make sure you take them out on a regular basis.

Let your child know that he or she is not alone by bringing photographs of friends and family into your room as well; if possible, ask other family members to visit as well.

A Guide for Making Your Children Feel Comfortable in Hospitals 1

Involve the Children in Care

When you’re bringing your child to see a doctor, nurse or dentist, it’s a good idea to involve them from start to finish.

Even if they don’t understand everything going on (yet), it will make them feel like their care is important and that there is nothing to be worried about.

If your kids are older, let them know exactly what will happen (beforehand) by letting them have a look at their care plan and medical records so they know what’s expected of them—and can even ask questions ahead of time.

It may be intimidating at first but it will help familiarize kids with new places and people, reducing fear of both things they don’t understand and those they do.

Look at it as an Adventure

Sick days from school happen. While a trip to your local medical centre Croydon and Cranbourne doesn’t seem like much fun for your kids, you can make it more enjoyable by looking at it as an adventure.

If you have multiple children, bring all of them with you so they can enjoy one another’s company while waiting to see a doctor or nurse.

You might even consider bringing along a favourite book or toy. You never know when we might get stuck there longer than expected!

Explain What is Happening

No matter how much we may want to, it’s tough to shield our children from ever feeling frightened or worried. When you or a loved one are in an unfamiliar medical centre in Croydon and Cranbourne, your kids may be dealing with emotions they aren’t yet capable of identifying. As such, there are several ways parents can make their children feel comfortable.

Discussing what’s happening with your kids beforehand will help them feel secure and prepared during what is bound to be a scary experience.

And when your child does panic (it’s natural), assuring them that everything will be all right can really help—kids absorb more if you answer their questions honestly and calmly.

Have Fun Together

Kids are often afraid of hospitals because they can be cold, uncomfortable, and intimidating places.

And while a parent or caregiver’s presence can go a long way toward comforting a child, sometimes it isn’t enough.

To make your children feel more comfortable, find out if there are facilities at your hospital where kids can play video games or watch movies.

Consider taking along some comfort foods from home and distracting yourself with books on tape to give your kids time alone with their thoughts.

While you’re waiting to be seen by doctors, consider letting your kids take turns telling scary stories with one another—the joke’s on them when they hear how un-scary their stories actually are!

Give a Tour of Their Surroundings

It might seem like kids will be more comfortable in a hospital if they are given control over their surroundings, but that’s not necessarily true.

If your child is aware that he or she has an illness and is at a hospital to get better, then being there is probably less frightening than you think.

Consider giving them a tour of their new surroundings so they know where everything is and can recognize people who are there to help them feel better.

You can even write out what will happen during their stay so they don’t have to wonder about why things happen.


You’re not alone. Most people go through it at some point—children get sick and you have to bring them to a hospital.

This will likely be your first time bringing them, so it may be hard for you and your children. Be as supportive as possible, because they’re going through enough already. But don’t panic, because there are plenty of ways you can make it easier on everyone involved!

All hospitals are different, but most of these tips can apply regardless of where you go—just think about what your child likes and use that information!

Even if it’s only for an hour or two, making sure your child is happy with their surroundings will help reduce their stress levels and improve their overall comfort.

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