How To Have Great Hair Without The Salon

It’s normal to wish for a great hair day every day. After all, if your face is the picture, your hair
works as the frame.

When you have beautiful and healthy hair, you can go everywhere feeling more confident in yourselves.

That’s why most people are willing to invest time and money to visit salons and undergo expensive treatments just to achieve that flawless hair.
Unfortunately, not everyone has the budget and time for regular salon visits.

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But don’t worry, as there are still ways you can achieve great hair without going to a salon. After all, the key to achieving healthy and gorgeous hair lies in your hair care routine and quitting bad hair habits.
For your guide, here are a few ways to achieve great hair from the comfort of your home and
without the salon.

How To Have Great Hair Without The Salon

Use The Right Hair Care Products   

Many people don’t realize that the hair product they choose can significantly affect the health and quality of their hair. Remember that not all popular and expensive hair product brands may suit everyone.   

When selecting hair care products, you must consider the following:  

  • Your hair type/hair texture (straight, wavy, curly, coily)
  • The dryness/oiliness of your scalp    
  • Hair problems you’re currently facing    
  • Your hair care routine    
  • Hair porosity   
  • Other hair types (colored, blonde, ginger)   

You may also check several hair expert websites for more tips you are looking for that specifies the suitable product/ingredient for each hair type.

It’s also best to read the labels when shopping for hair products to avoid accidentally misusing products that could only trigger hair damage and breakage.

For instance, if the product is for an oily scalp, don’t use it if you have a dry scalp as it may dry your hair further.

Preferably, opt for hair products that use natural ingredients instead of those brands that use harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients.     

 Avoid Washing Your Hair So Much  

Another habit that could hinder you from achieving great hair is washing your hair way too often.

Overwashing your hair, especially with harsh shampoos, can quickly damage your hair and lead to hair dryness or hair loss.

The harsh shampoos can strip off your hair’s natural oil, resulting in your hair looking dry and brittle.    

Preferably, you must only wash your hair every two to three days per week, or maybe less, depending on hair condition and type.

For instance, if you have thick hair, you may wash it once a week. For fine hair, you may wash it thrice a week or every other day.

Remember, the less often you wash your hair, the more your hair’s natural oil can spread on your scalp and hair length, promoting a better and healthier hair look.    

Minimize The Use Of Heating Tools  

Although there are instances wherein you need to use heating tools for styling or drying your hair, it would be best to use them to a minimum.

Using these hot tools on your hair too often can only bring more damage to your hair and cause brittleness, scalp dryness, more split ends, or even hair loss.

If you don’t want to go out with wet hair, make it a habit to take a shower earlier so you’ll have time to air-dry your hair.   

If you wish to style your hair without heating tools, explore online to find some no-heat hairstyle inspirations. Some of the popular hairstyles you can do without using heat are:  

  • Up-do hair bun  
  • Side braid bun  
  • Braided ponytail  

Soon as you get used to wearing your hair with any of these styles, it’ll be easier to skip the hot tools entirely and save your hair from heat damage.   

Handle Your Hair Gently  

Handling your hair too harshly (e.g., too much pulling or combing too hard) can break and cause damage to your hair.   

As much as possible, treat and handle your hair gently the same way you would with other people’s hair. Go easy when you wash it, style it, and brush it.

Additionally, don’t forcefully pull your hair from the comb to pull the tangles out. Brush your hair from the bottom to the roots, not the other way around.

You may also consider investing in a detangling spray and detangling comb if your hair tangles easily. Every night before you sleep, give your scalp a good and relaxing massage to promote hair growth.

When you handle your hair gently, you’ll likely notice a massive difference in your hair’s length, fullness, and overall condition.  

Use Silk Pillowcases

Did you know that the pillowcases you use for sleeping can significantly affect your hair health? Certain pillowcase types, like cotton, can suck the natural moisture from your hair when you sleep, causing them to tangle when you wake up.

So, switch your current pillowcases for silk or copper as they’re easier on the skin and prevent friction on the hair, avoiding hair dryness or damage in the long run.      

Protect Your Hair From Outdoor Elements

There are still other things that could damage your hair, like the heat of the sun or the swimming pool chlorine.

So, when you’re outdoors, protect your hair from these harmful elements by wearing a hat or using a hair product to function as sunscreen.

If you’re going swimming, apply argan oil all over your hair first to protect it from the pool chlorine.

Wrapping Up

Achieving and maintaining great hair doesn’t always happen in a hair salon. Most of the time, it’s about the hair care routine you establish and how you protect your hair when outdoors.

So, show your hair some extra love and care when you’re at home, and you can have luscious and healthy hair for many days to come.

Julie Higgins
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