How To Get Organised For An Upcoming Long-Distance Move

Of all the stressful times in your life, the one that will stand out sharply will be ‘moving time’.

Relocating your house (or your office or any type of establishment, really) can be a pain and no matter how many times you have done it already, it doesn’t seem to get any easier. 

Consider the Three E’s

There are three E’s that are very rightly associated with the entire process of moving: Expensive, Exhausting, and Emotional.

Whether moving cross country or within a state, moving is fairly expensive with getting good quality, sturdy boxes to actually hauling all the stuff.

Moving often requires physical labor which can be exhausting for all parties involved and of course, leaving a place you have been living in (or working in) can be emotionally draining.

Of course, this process can be chaotic many times over when the move is a long-distance one.

Follow the Below 4 Easy Steps

Whether you love planning and organizing or absolutely detest it, this is the one time you cannot ignore it.

Planning a long-distance move requires being absolutely thorough and here, in this article, we will help you get organized for that upcoming long-distance move in your life.


This cannot be stressed enough.

You will need at least three types of the checklist during this phase: a checklist for days before the move, a checklist for the moving day, and a checklist for once the move is done.

Remember, an interstate move is a long and complex process that will need to be broken down into at least three phases so as to make sure nothing is missed. 

Evaluate Movers and Packers

You will need to enlist the services of movers and packers and it will be good for you to compare and evaluate different removalists and options before choosing which one will be a good fit for you.

You should be looking at the extent of services provided by the company, their pricing, and the reviews and ratings left for the company by other customers.

Have a Packing Strategy in Place

Don’t start packing things at random as doing this thoughtlessly might require you to unpack some boxes when you are looking for things you should not have packed very early on.

Start with the absolute non-essentials to pack – this will be the stuff you will not be needed in the days leading up to the move.

A good idea is to ask the interstate moving companies to do this for you.

Movers and packers are professionals and can help greatly in a situation like this.

They will also make sure you have an essentials bag which will be packed last as you will need it on the last day of your old home and the first day of your new home (think toothbrush, kettle, mugs, etc.)

De-clutter Yourself of Extras

While most of us don’t think of ourselves as hoarders, packing and moving may bring this realization to light.

While packing, you might realize you have extra stuff that you can do without.

This is the time to de-clutter yourself of extras – either donate it and feel good about yourself or sell it off and make some money out of it.
While moving locally or interstate is a painful process, you can make your lives easy by getting a little more organized. 

Julie Higgins
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