How To Make Your Next Event Shine

At one time or another, you are going to have to throw a party. Kids’ birthdays, work events, all require your touch and expertise. At the same time, no one wants to go to a boring event that will be the negative talk of the town. Here are a few ideas to make your next event shine no matter why you’re throwing it. 

event shine

Set the Vibe

Everyone wants to enter a space that has a good vibe. If you are throwing a work event, you will want your clients, potential new clients, and co-workers to feel a great feeling when they enter the room. Set the mood with some great music that goes along with how you want the party to feel.

Themed parties are easy to match the music to, but if you want your people to feel energetic, get the music going at a faster pace as the night wears on, and when everyone has to leave, bring the music down to a slow beat. Music will change everyone’s moods.

Sit Everyone Where They Are Comfortable

It’s hard to enjoy a party when you don’t know anyone. Make sure everyone is sitting with someone they know. People are more likely to get into the vibe of things if they are sitting with people they can have great conversations with.

That will put them all at ease and they will open up more to what is going on around them. They may even feel more comfortable opening up to strangers and making your party more outstanding.

Get Everyone Involved In an Activity

For backyard parties or parties at home, group activities really make for a lot of fun. Group activities like playing board games, card games, or games through your phone via the TV always spark laughter and conversation. This can also be done at bigger events as well.

You can even try renting iPads for an event. This will add a little bit of chic to your party and everyone will be more inclined to use the iPads because not everyone has one. It’s a great conversation piece, but more than that, the activities played on the tablet will get everyone crowded together to talk. 

Make Food Your Top Priority

It’s all about the food. If you can knock it out of the park with food then your party will be an instant success. People may not feel entertained or they may say that things got a bit dull, but if they rave about the food, then a lot of those other mishaps won’t matter. If you are not the best chef then have your party catered. 

Great Cocktails

Nothing gets everyone feeling great like alcohol. Great cocktails with a bit of a kick get everyone feeling social, friendly, and happy. A signature cocktail that goes along with the vibe of the party is also a great idea because paying attention to the tiny details makes all the difference to your guests. A cohesive party will make everyone joyful.  

Julie Higgins
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