25 Fun Hobbies to Try as a Family

These days, with binge-worthy shows, video games, phones, tablets, and so many other things taking their attention almost 24/7, it can be hard to spend time with your children. Especially as they get older.

In fact, for many parents, aside from backyard parties, regularly scheduled movie or family game nights, they have a hard time trying to come up with fun things to do together. As such, we went on the hunt for some fun hobbies that you can try together. Family bonding is all-important these days and with some of these tips, you can be well on your way.

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Get Outdoors

Nature watching is a fantastic way to get the kids interested in their surroundings and there are several ways to enjoy it as a hobby.

a. Get everyone small notebooks to document your finds.

b. Pick a new “genre” to look for on each outing (e.g. plants, birds, insects, etc.)

c. Set up bird feeders to attract various species.

d. Collect photos of birds and wildlife or pencil/charcoal rubbings of the different textures of local plant life.

International Pen Pals

Sitting down and writing physical letters as opposed to email can be lots of fun. Especially when they connect as pen pals with children in another country and learn about their culture and more.

Just getting a letter in the mail will thrill many children and you can encourage them to ask their new friend about other kids they know that might want to be pen pals. That way there’s not as much time between getting a reply as we all know that snail mail can be quite slow, especially internationally.


There are all kinds of crafts you can do together. Try knitting/crocheting, scrapbooking, or get some rubber molds and casting silicone, wax, or molding soap, and the family can make things to collect, decorate their bedrooms, or just for fun.

You can also teach them about upcycling and get rid of some of the clutter around the house. Leftover cardboard boxes, empty tin cans, and toilet paper rolls can all be repurposed for crafts, and don’t forget fun crafts like using newspapers to make Papier-Mâché for piñatas and other fun crafts.

Fun in the Kitchen

Take the time once a week to bake cakes, cookies, pies, or other family favorite desserts. Or, better yet, make dinner together. Either way, this family-friendly hobby will teach them about following recipes and measuring and give them a sense of pride and satisfaction when everyone enjoys their creations.

And if they really enjoy it, it might not be long before they are preparing meals and treats on their own.

More Fun Outside

While in the past working in the garden could mean dealing with back pain the next day, now you can grow more than herb gardens indoors. With miniature terrariums and countertop gardens, they have everything from lettuce and arugula to onions, carrots, and more that you can grow and eat right at home.

More to Try

Some other fun hobbies the family may enjoy are:

7. Hiking/nature walks (can be coupled with number 1 above)

8. Fishing

9. Yoga or exercising

10. Golfing

11. Art classes

12. Volunteering

13. Photography

14. Painting/drawing

15. Jewelry making

16. Family talent show

17. Astronomy

18. Dance lessons

19. Jigsaw puzzles (for a twist, try making your own out of photographs or upcycle coral boxes or other household items)

20. Learn a new musical instrument

21. Rock/mineral collection

22. Stamp/coin collecting

23. Geocaching

24. Cosplay

25. Origami

No matter what hobby you decide on, the best part is you’ll be spending time as a family.

Julie Higgins
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