10 Practical Ideas For Meal Planning

I guess many of you start the New year with new resolutions and plans, including new ideas for meal planning.

It is time to open a new chapter in your everyday life with these practical meal planning tips. No wonders of what to cook for dinner anymore.

Not only, but shopping according to your meal plan is also easier and healthier, plus you can save some money. Learn how to organize your recipes, add some cool shopping apps to your phone, and plan ahead.

Still don’t know how to start? We have summarized 10 practical ideas for meal planning you can put through immediately.

Declutter Your Fridge

Start from your kitchen best friend- the fridge. Check everything there and get rid of all expired food. Empty out everything from the fridge and reorganize it.

Use clear storage boxes to be able to see what exactly is there. Here is a simple list of how a well-organized fridge looks like:

here how a properly stored fridge should look like:

  • upper shelves- use the upper shelves for leftovers and food that do not need to be cooked;
  • middle/ lower shelves- the best place for your diary products;
  • bottom shelves- it is the coolest part of the fridge and it is the best to place wrapped raw meats and fish;
  • drawers- fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • door shelves- products with natural preservatives

Open Your Recipe Books

Cook with love and try to offer a variety of delicious food. Sometimes it is really hard to choose what to serve for dinner and you might spend more time looking for recipes instead of cooking. Here is why it is good to keep your recipes well- organized and easy to find.

Make A Shopping Plan

Stick to a good shopping plan like a certain day when you will buy your groceries for the week. Check the store brochures and apps for great deals. Cutting shopping trips will save you both time and money. Besides, when you are buying products related to your meal preferences cut the expenses, control impulse shopping, and even help you to stay in better shape.

Cook According To The Weather

Seriously, the weather is something that could be related to your meal preferences. You probably found yourself, how on a really hot day you prefer to have a refreshing, light meal. During cold, chilly days you are more for a soup, hot cocoa for example. Here is why it is good to check the weather forecast when you are setting your weekly meal plan. It makes sense, isn’t it?

Organize Themed Meals

One of the coolest ideas for meal planning is to set different themed meal days. For example, Mondays are for seafood, Tuesday foreign cuisine, and etc. It really works if you have kids. Keep them involved in this meal planning and you can even notice a slight change in their taste preferences.

Ask Your Family For Ideas

Make everyone happy and try to cook everyones favorite meal each week. You will make your dinner as a special gift to each memeber which is really sweet.

Use The Leftovers

Learn how to cook with leftovers. There are plenty of ideas on how to use the extra portions from yesterday’s dinner. Moreover, you can always put them in the fridge for the days when you won’t be in a cooking mood, or when you just feel tired.

Learn How To Freeze

Keep the freeze tidy and clean. Mark everything with the date when you have added it there. Freezing some essential meal components make your cooking easier. Here is a simple example: when you are making tomato sauce, add 1/2 more products and freeze it. You will have a homemade sauce for your pasta night next Friday.

Keep A Well-Stocked Pantry

Fresh herbs, a diversity of spices, and olive oil are essential for a delicious meal. Make sure you have them ready on the countertop and dress up your dinner with a pinch of love. One thing is sure, there is nothing more charming of a truly homely atmosphere made by the delicious flavor of homemade meals.

Start A Calendar

Keep a meal calendar on your planner, and even phone. Mark what you want to taste and cook over the week or month. This is a great idea to keep a healthier menu for all family. You will know exactly what proteins, fiber, and carbs you have included in the previous week and would be able to balance on the next one.

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