7 Jungle Theme Preschool Activities

Preschool years are the best part of schooling. They get to enjoy the most in school, with fun playtimes and activities. If you’re a teacher or parent of preschoolers, you know they love a themed activity! What is more fun and creative than a jungle-themed one?

Kids love animals, and preschoolers especially are fascinated by the animal kingdom, wild animals for the most part. So a jungle theme activity sounds right for those animal-loving kiddos! That’s why we brought you seven jungle theme preschool activities.

Jungle Theme Preschool Activities

1. Jungle Theme Class Party

End-of-the-year class parties are some of the most fun children and teachers have. But, of course, a themed party is always the right way to go, and a jungle-themed party will surely make them ecstatic!

You can set a jungle dress code for the kids and teachers for a jungle-themed end-of-year class party. Remember to emphasize that elaborate costumes aren’t necessary; whatever parents can manage will do the job.

Tiger-printed onesies, lion-mane headdresses, zebra-printed capes, and different animal ears are all great for a fun jungle-themed class party!

For snacks, you could have animal-printed cookies and cupcakes and serve them in animal-shaped plates and cups.

A party is no fun without games or activities! For example, you could watch jungle-themed movies or cartoons such as The Lion King, George of the Jungle, Tarzan. You can also have painting stations for kids to paint or color animals living in jungle.  

2. Jungle-Themed Drama or Play

This will be one of the most fun things you can ever do with preschoolers! Set up a DIY jungle in the classroom with painted cork sheets, printables, and paper. Then, let the kids design their very own animal masks and have them play out a scene from a jungle-themed film or cartoon. You could even let them create their own storylines to act out; that should be more fun!

3. Jungle-Themed DIY Crafts

A fun and crafts session never goes undefeated! Have kids make animal masks, and tails, color in pictures of jungle scenery, or create one of their own. Have fun with printables they can cut out and make their own wildlife scenes on chart papers. There’s no end to how much fun kids can have with art!

4. Jungle-Themed Projects

Class projects are always entertaining to create! So let your preschoolers’ creativity run wild like the jungle! Assign them different animal sceneries each, and have them bring their own jungle-themed take-home projects!

You could assign scenes such as zebras grazing, giraffes high up from the trees, a lion pride resting or napping, or a herd of elephants crossing the river. Then, watch the kids bring you the most entertaining projects you’ve ever seen! You could also have them present their creations to the class and let them explain their projects.

Remember to not give them violent scenes like animal attacks or hunting acts.

5. Jungle Books!

There’s nothing more fun than peeking into a child’s imagination because they’re truly the most creative among us. So another way you can enrich and encourage their creative zest is by having them create books based on the jungles. Make this a class activity where they can make their books, draw pictures, and/or write a thing or two about the jungle. Then, you can have them read it out to the class and share each others’ jungle visions!

6. Guess The Jungle Animal

Not only are guessing games fun to play with kids, they help improve their cognitive skills and memory retention. For example, play the sound of a jungle animal, or you could even mimic it. You can also show parts of an animal, like the paws, teeth, or ears, and have the kids guess it. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

7. Jungle Riddles

Riddles are always entertaining for both kids and adults. Have the whole class join in on a fun game of “Who am I?”. Get the kids to do impressions of jungle animals or say clues about animals for the whole class to guess. It’s a guaranteed good time for the kids and you!


We hope these ideas help you have an absolute blast with your preschoolers! Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, a jungle-themed activity is always going to be a hit with your kids. Animals are just so entertaining! Share with your friends so they can also get in on the jungle-themed fun! 


1.  What are Some Good Ideas for a Jungle-Themed Birthday Party?

Ans: A jungle-themed birthday party is sure to knock the socks off of your little one! You could hire a decorator or even decorate the place yourself with DIY jungle art, printables and/or posters. Get different shades of green, yellow, and brown balloons to decorate the venue.

Play some fun jungle-themed games with the kids and serve a cool jungle-theme birthday cake and snacks. For example, you could serve fresh juice and color it green for refreshments, keeping with the theme.

You can also give goodie bags to the kids filled with jungle-themed knick-knacks such as puzzles, drawing books, and animal candies!

2.  What are Some Dog and Kid Friendly Activities?

Ans: To give a child the opportunity to grow up with a dog is one of the best things you can do for them. Whether your dog is there before your kid is born or comes after, you should always try your best to create fun and entertaining activities for your dog and your child to enjoy!

You can let them play with the puppy when they’re younger, take them out on walks, have their meals together, and even go on road trips together.

If dogs are socialized and trained well from a young age, almost all breeds can get along with children.

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