5 Leading Trends to Design Your Home Library

A station where we step in every time after getting free from our professional duties or other tasks is the home. After getting free from the outside activities, we want to go to a destination that can squeeze our fatigue and provide us cozy shelter every time. For this reason, we want to keep our ultimate destination always well maintained, comfortable and presentable. When it comes to designing our cozy abode, we make hundreds of home decorating plans. We also capture home embellishment ideas from the internet world. But out of these massive schemes, we opt for those which seem cost-effective and fulfill our expectations.

Everyone maintains his home as per his aspirations and budget. After being prosperous, home decoration is another current passion. People design their homes according to their taste and personality. Before building their comfy spot, they set a theme already lurking in their mind. Some people want a modern and luxurious environment in their residence while some like rustic and neutral vibes.  Others believe that they can’t achieve warmth, serenity, and relaxation without spreading indoor area rugs in the interior

Some aesthetic and literary people spare a quiet and noiseless corner of their home for establishing a library. So, every homeowner is free to express his art and taste in his home. Among the stereotype and conventional home ornamentation methods, we have picked an exceptional home decoration concept that is no less than furnishing a library at home. Truly, it’s an astonishing idea, but the bibliophiles (book lovers) will somehow or the other manage to construct their reading zone. For those literary people, we have secured some simple and functional techniques. Let’s study the entire post and capture 5 leading trends to design a home library.

1Set Theme First

Those who are mindful of sparing a study zone in their home must have a good number of books in their custody. Having a stock of books doesn’t mean that they repeatedly keep studying the same books. Instead, they remain well aware of the trends and their favorite upcoming books. Thus, they keep piling up books and only a library is the befitting place for them. 

After a final decision of making a library, the initial step is setting a theme. You know better what capacity, environment, furniture, and shelves you want for your library. The earlier planning will help you coordinate every step smoothly. In setting a theme for the library, also include the budget. Make a careful division of the cost for the chairs, tables, shelves, carpets, and other accessories. 

2Choose Quality Furniture

A large study table and comfortable chairs are the fundamental requirements of your home and every library. Remember, you are not building the study spot only for yourself; it is where you can invite your friends and the guests to have some gossip or read something inspirational in the serene environment. So, a capacious library will suit this purpose. 

You are to invest in the library furniture very carefully. At the time of library construction, get the storage racks and shelves built in the walls. On both sides of the room. If you buy the bookshelves afterward, go for those which have appropriate size sections that can accommodate your huge stock of books. Arrange all the shelves and bookcases with the walls. It will save space for setting a large study table and a dozen chairs. 

When you go to purchase the table and chairs for the home library, keep in mind, it is where you and your family are going to hang out a lot. The furniture should not only be durable but aesthetically pleasing. The literary people like to maintain a serene environment in their study at any cost. Secondly, take the table of 3-3.5 ft height. The less or more height will be a nuisance and you will feel tired after reading for a short while. The armchairs will be fantastic for the library. Set the table and chairs right in the center of the room and reserve space on both sides of the table to reach the bookshelf and find your favorite book. 

After completing furniture in the study, turn your attention to arrange books in the bookcases. Better, make a list of all the books with their author names and arrange them alphabetically. Paste the alphabet on the bookcase’s top center so you can place the book in the right section. A little effort in the orderly arrangement of books will save your tons of time!

3Large Area Rugs, A Must-Have for the Library

Indeed, you have chosen a quiet and soundless zone for the library. You will add to your library’s warmth, comfort and peaceful environment by stretching large area rugs. Choose a handsome contrast of the rug with the furniture. Also, select the shades and tones of the area carpet that you like the most. The large area rugs are available in plenty of designs and patterns. I will recommend putting your hand on a marvelous and incomparable mat depicting geometric shapes. The geometric patterns of the rug will cater to more literary and aesthetic appeal in the library. 

Be more creative and cover the library floor with a captivating carpet and warm up the place for peaceful reading. A cold environment is unpleasant and repulsive. Invest some struggle and talent to select an appealing and elegant floor mat for the library and complement the existing embellishment! By laying down graceful large floor rugs, you will jazz up your library and you won’t feel like coming out of the place.

4Adequate Light

I am of the view that lighting is the real impression of our interior on the outsiders. Some passionate designers don’t hesitate to buy an expensive and beautiful chandelier to fix at the most visible spot of their home just to ensure an inviting and fascinating inside. How can we ignore the supply of sufficient light in the library? Here, you need an adequate lighting system so you and your friends can read books with interest and deep thought. 

Books are enriched with life-changing ideas, and perhaps you have built this reading place that will influence so many people’s lives. So just give some time to read a good inspirational book if you want to bring a positive change in your life. A well-lighted environment gets you instantly ready to select an amazing book to boost your intellect and compose your personality. 

“If we encounter a man of rare intellect, we should ask him what book he reads.”

We suggest you set a small corner in your home as a book world and build a successful track of your life!

5Termite Free Environment

The only creature that can tease you and hinder your study in your home library is the termites. This creature is a chief threat to books and shelves. After investing a hefty budget on building a library, you can’t leave this life-changing place at the mercy of termites. If you get a little late and keep the paper and wood eaters unattended, they could prove havoc for every wooden structure in your library. Termites make colonies in holes and cracks, and slowly eat away the furniture articles. Must take some steps to ensure a termite free environment. 

First of all, keep checking the holes and crevices in the library to save the wooden items from the tiny but annoying creature. Be careful of the winged termites, the first symbol of termite plague. If possible, fix up steel mesh around the bookshelves as a guard against termites. If ever you look for signs of termite growth, instantly spray the fluid termiticides. Keep spraying this fluid from time to time in your library and open the doors and windows so the unpleasant smell may be replaced with the fresh air. 

Be a little vigilant and create a termite-free atmosphere for your dream library. No doubt, book lovers will go extra miles to cater to the serene environment in their study!


A library is the most enchanting and lively place in your home. Follow the above tips at your ease and prolong the soothing environment inside. Forget not to knock at RugKnots when you go in search of library accessories. We will help you provide quality scatter rugs for your home library at a reasonable price.