Meal Delivery Services: Are They Ideal for Small Families?

Cooking can sometimes be an overwhelming chore, especially if you have a family.

More mouths mean more portions, and there’s also personal tastes to factor in, particularly the little ones. It gets even more challenging if you and your partner work, as both of you have less time to spend in the kitchen. 

This is why meal delivery services have found a market.

They make life easier for many people by offering a convenient way to put portioned, controlled, and healthy food on the table. However, such services are usually targeted for young solo professionals or couples, not families.

So you might wonder, “Does meal delivery service work for small families?”

The answer is yes. Meal delivery service can also be a viable option for small families.

While culinary demands may vary depending on members’ individual needs, this service offers quality meals with curated ingredients to meet dietary needs regardless of age or family size.

Let’s explore some reasons to choose a food delivery service for your small family.

Why Choose a Meal Delivery Service for Your Small Family?

Meal delivery services offer numerous advantages to small families, from convenience to healthy eating habits. Some of these benefits include:

Meal Variety and Customization

Meal delivery services offer a diverse menu and an option to customize meals to fit every family’s needs.

The provider ensures you get what your family needs regarding tastes, flavors, and dietary needs. For example, if someone in your family is allergic to gluten, and you want gluten-free pancakes, a meal delivery service can deliver it.

Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, or organic diehard or prefer Mediterranean, American, Chinese, or Indian dishes, it’s easy to get them from a meal delivery service.

You’ll only need to look for a provider to meet your family’s needs.


Many people prefer meal delivery because it is convenient and time-saving. A meal delivery service saves you the hassle of grocery shopping, meal preparation, and cooking.

This means you don’t have to worry about cooking tasks because of a busy work schedule, school, extracurricular activities, or other family responsibilities.

Having your meals delivered to your doorstep also saves you effort and energy. This way, you can have quality time with your loved ones.

Less Food Wastage

One task that takes the most time when cooking is meal preparation.

A meal delivery service can reduce preparation time by delivering pre-portioned ingredients. This means there will be no preparation waste or leftover ingredients that can spoil over time.

Research shows that meal boxes reduce food wastage in households by 38% compared to traditionally cooked dinners.

You may also cook more food than your family can eat, which can go to waste. Ready-to-eat meals from meal delivery services can minimize food waste since they deliver pre-portioned meals. This helps reduce cooking waste and plate waste, eventually saving you money.

Healthier Eating Habits

Meal delivery services offer wholesome and nutritious dishes made from fresh, high-quality ingredients, mainly locally sourced.

Your family will meet their nutritional needs since the meals are well-balanced and proportioned. If you have young kids, you can look for a meal delivery service that offers healthy, kid-friendly meals.

So whether your little one has allergies, specific dietary needs, or is just picky eaters, you’ll always find a service that matches your family’s needs.

In addition, the meals are clearly labeled, providing you with nutrition information to help you make an informed choice and improve your family’s overall health. This is also an excellent way to track your nutrition intake, especially if you have dietary goals such as cutting sugar, weight loss, or building muscle.

Exposes You to Creative Culinary Options

Every family has specific meals that they enjoy eating. However, these foods become boring at some point. A meal delivery service takes away the boredom from your dining table. Meal kit providers can introduce your small family to a world of culinary adventure they’ve never experienced before.

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This service allows you to try new ingredients, flavors, and even different dishes from different continents. Exploring new flavors and cuisines is an excellent way to expand your family’s palate and preferences.

How to Pick the Best Meal Delivery Service for Small Families

Families have different preferences depending on taste, flavor, and diet restrictions.

Likewise, meal delivery services vary in products, cost, and services. That’s why carefully choosing a service to meet your family’s dietary requirements is essential.

This section provides tips for picking the best meal delivery service for your small family.

Assess Your Family’s Dietary Needs

The first task is to determine your family’s dietary requirements. Are you looking to meet specific dietary goals or have any restrictions?

How many meals do you want per week?

What is the number of people per serving?

Having answers to these questions will help you pick a meal delivery service that will best meet your preferences.

Consider Portion Sizes

It’s essential to check the portion size offered by the provider.

Some services offer pre-portioned meals for individuals, while others provide family-sized portions that multiple people can share. Choose based on what fits your family best.

Look at the Menu Diversity

Using a meal delivery service with many options is best to avoid monotony at the dinner table. Confirm whether the provider rotates the menu now and then. This way, every family member’s taste buds will be satisfied.

Meal Customization Options

A meal customization service is better than one that doesn’t since it allows you to tailor your meals to suit your family’s needs.

This means you can include or exclude ingredients depending on what your family likes.

A meal delivery service should also offer flexibility for skipping deliveries, changing meal options, and canceling the service.

Compare Prices and Delivery Schedules

Check the cost of meals depending on your preferred options.

You can compare the prices from different providers who meet your criteria and budget. Furthermore, check delivery schedules and compare them to pick one that meets your frequency requirements.

Consider Additional Features and Services

Some meal delivery services offer additional features and services, which is an added advantage. For example, they can add or reduce meals, promotional offers, discounts, or trial periods.

Final Word

So, does meal delivery work for small families?


Meal delivery works for small families, individuals, and large families, with the main benefits of meal delivery service being convenience and time savings, promoting healthy eating habits, variety of meal options, and elimination of food wastage.

So if you’re a small family, go ahead and embrace meal delivery service to experience culinary creativity, explore new cultures, and bring excitement to mealtimes.

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