8 Cool Themes for a Fun Moms’ Night


Every mother needs a moms’ night whether it be a night in or out. We just need to get away for a few hours, not think about being a mother and just have fun with other moms who are in the same boat.

A typical moms’ night would be a gorgeous dress, a nice dinner and maybe a shot or two with your ladies. Then, there’s the option of staying in, making dinner and having a healthy conversation over a bottle of red wine. There’s nothing wrong with any of that!

We’re just here to broaden your choices a little bit.

So, here are a few mom’s night themes you might want to try with your ladies.

1SPA-ntastic Time

It doesn’t matter whether you decide to splurge on an all-out pampering at your favorite spa for your moms’ night out or decide to make homemade face masks together. It will be relaxing no doubt. Why not alternate both of them regularly? It’d be fun to find your perfect homemade face mask match while at it at a pocket-friendly price.

2Chick Flick Marathon

If you have a group of ladies in your usual moms’ night, have each mom pick out her favorite chick flick. Then, nominate a house every week and go through your stack of DVDs. Enjoy the tear-jerking chick flick without having to worry about being teased for crying. You’re in a safe place!

Add one of these flavored popcorn recipes to the mix and have yourself a blast!

3Quiz & Trivia Night

Some people might disagree, but it’s actually pretty fun to have an intellectually challenging night. You surprise yourself by how much you forgot you know.

It’s going to be loud and super competitive. Make sure you stock up on snacks and use plastic glasses. It might get violent! ;)

480’s Moms’ Night

Dress up in your 80’s outfit, bring over some food you can share, some drinks and dance to your favorite 80’s music!

Or you can go all out with a Pinterest inspired 80’s dance party and invite all your mom friends for the ultimate moms’ night dance party. Great food, fun games and a totally lit playlist are all you need. Check this out.

5Pajama Party

Whoever said slumber parties are only for young people clearly does not understand life. I wouldn’t care if I’m 70 with arthritis. I’d still enjoy a slumber party with my favorite gal pals – if they’re still alive that is. :)

This idea would be perfect for moms who have lived in the same neighborhood since they were little girls. Roots would be there and lots of memories. Bring back your younger days with a slumber party, wine and a night of reminiscing.

6Clothing Swap 


Got any clothes you don’t feel like wearing anymore? Organize a clothes swap with your girlfriends! You save money, get new clothes and have so much fun without the hassle of long lines and overly crowded malls.



Nothing like a healthy competition of the most number of strikes and spares to unwind after a long week of kids and house chores. Gather your best friends and leave your kids with a sitter. Bowling has always been a pretty popular group activity where you can challenge friendlies.

Lace up your bowling shoes!

8Book Club

This would be a regular thing which is good. Pick a book you all would want to read over a period of time then discuss what you think or like about it when you meet on a weekly basis. Book clubs are great channels to get to know people better and if you’re already with your usual group of friends, it would be easier to talk about more in depth views. It won’t be uncomfortable to discuss what you really think about Fifty Shades of Gray. ;)

There you have it, moms. Eight must-try themes for your next moms’ night. 

The most important thing is you have fun and are able to relax. Whatever you do, as long as it takes your mind off of mom duties for a few hours. Moms’ night is about you and your need for a break. Your husband and kids can manage on their own for a few hours.

Have fun!

Got any moms’ night ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in a comment below!

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