Money Tree Care: How To Take Care Of Your Lucky Plant

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Do you know that plants and flowers are connected to different emotions and actions? Actually, they have their own symbolism.

Many people decide which plants to grow in their homes according to their symbolism. They usually start a new project on a specific date, choose which colors to wear or paint their home, and wear specific pieces of jewelry and evil eye bracelets to protect themselves and bring good fortune luck to their side.

Even they choose flowers according to the occasion and their color, which also has symbolism.

For example, lucky bamboo is great for people who are starting a new chapter of their life. It attracts good fortune and longevity. Daisies are symbols of innocence, purity, and true love.

The money tree is for career-driven persons. It attracts wealth and good fortune. Here are some great tips on how to grow and take care of this wonderful plant.

We truly wish you wealth and good fortune to surround your home and family.

Without a doubt, the money tree plant is unique because of its braided trunk. It has long green leaves. Even if you are not concentrated on the symbolism of this plant, it is very easy to grow and perfectly matches to any decor.

Money Tree Plant Origin

This magnificent plant could be seen in Central and South America and particularly grows up to 60 feet in nature. Before you react, do not worry, the plant grows max up to 6 feet indoors. It is an evergreen broadleaf tree with hand-shaped leaf composition.

Where To Grow

The money tree is easy to grow but still, there are some essentials to avoid and be careful of.

Expose your plant in a bright area but avoid direct sunlight. The best exposure is south-facing or west-facing windows. It prefers moderate to high humidity here is why is appropriate for bright bathrooms and kitchens.

The ideal temperature range for this plant is between 65-75 F

Here is a tip: add small rocks on the top of the pot and partly cover it with water. In this way, you will increase the humidity.

Money Tree Care

Money Tree Care: How To Take Care Of Your Lucky Plant

When you get a money tree in your home, plant it in a well-drained pot. The best soil for it is peat-moss-based because holds moisture better.

It is important to water it frequently- once per week or two approximately. But it is important to leave the soil to dry between waterings. Make sure you excessed the extra water of the tray. Too much water might putrefy the roots.

Fertilize it once per month with half- strength fertilizers.

Money tree care is easy but you shouldn’t forget to bride its trunk while they are young and still resilient. It is good to change its pot every two years.

If you noticed the leaves go yellow probably you need to change their soil or you just overwater it.

Do not forget to mist the leaves, especially in dry months. Dry places are really dangerous for your lucky tree. Not only because it likes moisture, but some pests like spider mites or mealybugs will appear and might cause a lot of trouble to your plant.

How To Propagate Money Tree Plant

You can propagate a money tree with stem cuttings. Make a 10- 15 cm long cut and place it immediately in water or soil. If you decide to wait to root in water, make sure to cover at least 2 cm of the stem with water. Keep it in a warm and bright place with no direct sunlight.

The other option is to add the stem cutting into a hormone-rooting powder and keep it in a standard potting mix. Make sure to keep the soil moist and in 4 weeks approximately the roots will appear.

Money Tree Care: How To Take Care Of Your Lucky Plant

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