Top 20 Trending Baby Names for Boys in 2017

It’s another year and for sure, many baby boys will be born this year. One of the hardest parts in preparing for a baby is agreeing on a name. Sometimes parents wait until the birth before they decide.

In case you can’t decide, we’ve gathered the top trending names for boys this year.

So, grab a pen and paper and list down every name that speaks to you or makes your ears tingle.

Trending Baby Names for Boys 2017


names for boys

According to, Liam takes the top spot. And I understand why. It has such a masculinity to it that just makes you immediately think of a handsome man.

It’s masculine for a grown man and cute for a baby!


names for boys


names for boys

Does the name ring any bell? It’s the name of the lead character in one of the most heart-touching animations last 2015. Yes, it’s the same name from The Good Dinosaur. I have not heard of any baby named with this, but this is one of the names for boys that’s climbed the popularity ladder!


names for boys

I know several Calebs, and they’re all very good looking. They’re all quite popular with the ladies actually. Is it the name? They’re very different people but you can’t wrong with this name. It is in the top names for boys list after all.


names for boys

Sounds like a feminine name, right? Ezra is a biblical name, and it was the name of one of the famous high priests in the Bible. Some people consider it to be on the hipster side of names for boys. It’s unique and quite uncommon.


names for boys

Another name famous in the Bible but has been as pleasant as wind chimes in our ears. Whenever I hear this name, I think of the boy next door type who wears hoodies and chucks with a personality everybody loves. It’s a name that you can’t help but feel dreamy about.


names for boys

Is it bad that the first thing that comes to my mind is the singing lobster from the Little Mermaid when I hear this name? I mean, I have nothing against it, but it’s probably not the first choice on my list. Then again, your opinion might be totally different!


names for boys

There aren’t that many boys with this name in western countries. It’s usually not the first pick, but its popularity is making it’s way up steadily. Sounds familiar? Yes, another name from the Bible. Biblical names are quite popular.


names for boys

I’ve aways loved this name. For some reason, it sounds intelligent. Of course, a name cannot be the measure of intelligence, but there are just those names for boys that give you the first impression right away.


names for boys

Does this give you the bad boy feel? It kind of does, right? It sounds really cute when your boy is still a kid but takes a turn to the masculine side when he’s past puberty. Do you think this could be one of your options?


names for boys

The first time I heard this name was from a novel and the male lead in that book was a handsome rock star. Yes, Jaxon screams rock star. It does relate to the King of Pop!


names for boys

Care for a bit of Wolverine for a baby? If he grows up to be as good looking as Hugh Jackman, why the hell not, right? I love the name, Logan. It’s one of the names for boys that’s actually on my short list!


names for boys

One of my all time favorites. It may sound like it came from the Bible but it’s very manly to me. It screams mysterious and a surprise once you uncover the mystery!


names for boys

This, for me, is one of the few unisex names. I can totally see myself naming my kid Dylan whether its a boy or a girl. It sounds badass for a girl and endearing for a son!


names for boys

Another that’s not so commonly used but super cute for a baby boy! Just imagine giving the nickname “Gray”! It sounds so hip!


names for boys

I couldn’t care less that this is a boy’s name. I would name my daughter Carter. You know when you’re at that age and you think about what you’re going to name your kids when you get pregnant? I did that and Carter was on my list – boy or girl.


names for boys

It’s simple, short and sure to not give your boy a hard time spelling when he starts school! On a more serious note, I love how this name sounds so grown up. And, if I was to meet a ‘Finn’, I would be excited to shake his hand and find out what kind of personality lies behind the name.


names for boys

I’ve never thought of this name before but the more I listen to myself saying it, the more I love how it sounds. I can imagine myself cooing to my son and I would never get tired of uttering this name.


names for boys

The name sounds like a knight in shining armor. Not only because it is the name of an angel, but because it sounds very manly and brave. Oh, I would not mind naming my daughter with this name, too.


names for boys

And, save the best for last. This is my favorite out of all the names for boys on this list. It sounds as dashing as Luke but it has a more sophisticated ring to it. And, if you choose this and love the name Luke, you can still shorten Lucas to Luke! Everyone wins!

So, did you find your favorite among the top choices?

I hope you did because these are solid contenders. I’m not having a baby anytime soon but putting myself in the shoes of the parents who have not yet decided and are already close to the deadline, I can’t help but feel for them.

Picking a name is not something you can change in a breeze. It will be your child’s identity and it will stick with them for life. So, you can only understand why it’s important to choose the right one.

But, no pressure. Choose the one that speaks the most to your heart!

Are any of your favorites on this list? Let us know with a comment!

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