VR Toys for Your Kids – Yay or Nay?

VR toys are all over the market right now. People have paid good money to get one of these popular gadgets. It is reviewed to bring immense entertainment whether it be through video games, simulation or movies.

The real question here though is, is it okay to have our kids exposed to such technology?

As we all know, technology has changed the way adults live, which in turn, changed the way kids lived. Everything is done through technology. Some experts predict that technology will soon overrun the education system – making it faster to learn, less time consuming and with less manpower required.

But before we tackle the question if VR toys are conducive to kids’ learning, let’s understand what a VR toy is.

What are VR Toys?

VR toys are virtual reality gadgets worn around the head. It uses smartphones to project a virtual environment that makes you seem like you’re having a first-hand experience.

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Many amusement parks offered the 3D and 4D virtual reality experience when the VR box wasn’t out on the market yet. Universal Studios offered Transformers while other places had something similar.

As what he said on the video, the VR toys are one of those things that rose to fame at such a fast pace. It was nothing then the next thing you know, it was everything.

Advantages of VR Toys

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VR toys are great gadgets to have. But, before you spend hundreds of dollars for one, it would be wise to know what advantages they have.

  • Entertainment – VR toys were invented solely for that purpose. There’s not doubt that it does that particular job right. It will keep your kids entertained with games, movies or simulation.
  • Long Term – unlike most toys, VR toys last. In what sense? The typical toy will keep your child’s attention for a good couple of months, maybe a few weeks. VR toys can be updated so long as your games are updated which means you kids will always be paying attention to it.
  • Flexible – VR toys can be for any age. Parents can enjoy 3D movies and interactive games the same way their kids can. You can easily switch between playing and watching in just a few clicks.
  • Portable – since it’s batteries are rechargeable, you can bring it wherever you go. If you’re on a long road trip, you can charge it in the car or through a power bank. They also have quite the battery life to guarantee pure enjoyment.
  • Choices – there are so many to choose from. Almost ever tech tycoon has come out with their own version which ranges from different specs and price brackets to suit every consumer’s needs.

Disadvantages of VR Toys

vr toys

Every product has pros and cons. The pros get us excited while the cons make us have second thoughts. Looking out for the cons is wise because you end up thinking carefully before putting trust on a product.

  • Attention – as much we want to keep our kids entertained to get a few personal minutes, VR toys do just that but it will become addictive and take over their entire attention span. If you don’t put a limit to their usage, they may just get lost in the virtual world.
  • Vision – according to doctors, stereoscopic imagery strains the eyes. It causes the eyes to focus in a certain way due to either the distance or the 3D effects. Consequently, extended exposure to these elements that causes strain and stress will lead to damage over time.
  • Sociability – technology nowadays has changed the way kids socialize. Everything is done through social media. Adding VR toys to the equation would all the more change the way they socialize. Playing outside with their friends would not even be on their radar. They will just be stuck in a virtual world with “friends” they’ll most likely never meet.
  • Discipline – though this is not entirely a disadvantage, it will be a bit of a challenge. Some kids don’t understand the concept of listening to a ‘no’. It will take a lot of patience and energy to make them understand why it’s important to take breaks. What’s even harder is consistently implementing those breaks.

Top VR Toys on the Market

vr toys

Google Daydream

Google made this gadget to be usable with multiple devices. Devices that are Daydream ready can be easily paired with the VR device. It’s lightweight like the Google Cardboard but more functional. The designers of Google ditched the paper and opted for cloth for an edgier yet sturdier design.

Get it at $79 from Amazon.

Vr Toys
Source: amazon.com

Playstation VR

Sony is one of the leading names when it comes to video games. The Playstation has been around for decades and its popularity has just kept on increasing since it’s first release. The new PS4 can be paired with their VR gadget for a virtual ‘first-hand’ gaming experience. And since PS4 can also play movies, the possibilities for the best movie experience is also at hand. The downside? This is one pricey gadget and can only be used with PS4.

$399.99 on Amazon.


vr toys
source: amazon.com

Samsung Gear VR

Another one of the most affordable ones on the market. For less than a hundred dollars, you can enjoy the virtual world with VR capable Samsung devices. It’s easy to use and very user -friendly. Plus, there are more free and affordable apps with this latest release. It’s wireless and uses your phone’s battery to power it up.

Only $79.99 on Amazon.

vr toys

Oculus Rift

By far, this is quite pricey but not the priciest out of the list. A few hundred bucks towards this gadget will bring you an array of fun. Oculus spearheaded the VR toys world and was almost bested by their competitors who followed suit. But, Oculus came out with something better and made it even better by adding the Oculus Touch controller. The device is also compatible with some PCs and laptops.

Quite pricey at $499.99 on Amazon.

vr toys
Source: Amazon.com

HTC Vive

The most expensive product on this list but also with a very high review from testers. The HTC Vive is the winner of 2016’s Wearable Tech Awards and beat the Oculus Rift in terms of specs and features. Most tech enthusiasts claim the gadget is worth every penny.

Check it out on Amazon selling for $799.99.

There you have it!

We’ve given you enough to think about to help you decide whether VR toys will be yes or no for your kids.


These gadgets are meant for fun, entertainment and enjoyment so indulge but don’t over do it.


Do you own VR toys already? How’s the experience with your kids? Let us know with a comment!

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