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Who knew pink flamingos would be a hit this year, right? Much like every other trend, no one could have predicted it’s sudden rise to fame. After all, if you expected it to be famous, it would defeat the entire reason why certain things go viral.

Pink flamingos are all over – from parties to cell phone accessories to pool floaters. Remember there was a point last year that donuts were the big thing? Well, it’s now pink flamingos’ turn.

There’s no telling why the particular bird is so loved these days. Is it the bright pink? The standing out feeling it gives? Or the beauty it represents?

You’re probably wondering what trend I’m talking about, right? Well, take a bit of time from your busy schedule and scroll down. You’ll totally understand how they’re trending by the time you read the closing of this post.

Pink Flamingos Party Trend

1DIY Pink Flamingos Tissue Decor

This is the perfect centerpiece for beach parties. Or you can make a large scale kind to serve as stage decor or strewn around the party for added feel.

Learn how to make it here.


2Trendy Centerpiece

This was the centerpiece for an ice cream party and everything screams pink and feathery! I’m not into the pink but I cannot deny the fact that the majestic bird looks perfect in parties. Get the full party inspiration here.


3Welcome Stand

What could be better than a pink flamingo on a spider standee to welcome your guests? Having live pink flamingos, that’s what would be better. Seriously, though, this gives the feeling of a great party the moment the walk in.


4Croquet Set

A backyard party isn’t complete without garden activities. Croquet would be something your elderly guests surely would enjoy and you may be surprised how your younger guests can make it into something competitive and fun for them.

The good news? This is totally DIY. See the instructions here.


5Ring Toss

Here’s a DIY activity even the kids will love. You can offer prizes to make it more fun. What I like about this is it can be for either a kiddie party or a grown-up party. Also, it wouldn’t hurt not using it as a ring toss because it makes perfect decors too!

Learn how to make yours here.


6Pink Flamingos Confetti

Just imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they see pink flamingos flying around when all they expect is a normal confetti. I love the combination of the glitters and the pink. Yes, I am not a fan of the color but this is acceptable.


7Pink Flamingo Balloons

You’re probably wondering where can you find balloons like this, am I right? You can DIY this. Ugh, I sound like a broken record but you CAN DIY this one. It’s just simple gold paint for the white balloons. The flamingo was sponge painted on the pink balloons. There are also some places who sell the flamingo balloons.


8Party Hats

This would look so pretty on your little girl turning one! See? Pink flamingos are such a trend, it defies age barriers. If you’re the girly type, regardless of your age, this theme would seriously suit you.


9Flamingo Cupcakes

If you think your regular cupcakes are too mainstream and boring, you can add toppers like this. There are plenty of flamingo printables you can buy for cheap and have them printed. Add some feathers on it and make it even cuter!

Get your printables here.


10Pink Flamingo and Pineapple Cake

Just look at how pretty that cake is! Would you have thought of including pink flamingos to your party if it wasn’t trending? Most people would probably stick to a more common animal but the public has done it’s due diligence and made the bird a party staple. And, we are loving it! So is the world of Pinterest.


11Sugar Cookies

How about pairing that awesome cake with these mouthwatering sugar cookies? You have to make sure you have enough to go around. At least two cookies per guest because trust me, they’ll be selling like hotcakes especially to the kids!


12Pink and Blue Flamingo Cake

OMG. This cake even looks good enough for a wedding. If I was into pink, I would even consider this for my beach wedding in the future. It’s simple yet elegant, fun yet delicate. Don’t you think so, too?


13Pink Flamingos Mason Jars

I love how reusable these can be. You can put fresh flowers for one party, folded colored tissue for another and cut outs on the next. You can even tie balloons around it to add more height.


14Giant Pool Floaters

Have a few of these floating around your pool and you’ll have guest stripping down to their bikinis and jumping in the water. A pool party isn’t complete without these floaters! Add some donut and pizza floaters to make things even more fun.


15Pink Flamingo Skirt

Now that you can plan a party around the animal, the fashion industry has made if possible for you to even dress accordingly to the colors and look of the majestic bird. At first I wouldn’t even dare think about wearing one of these but after a while, you just get drawn to it.


16Board Shorts

Of course we wouldn’t leave the handsome male specie aside. There are shorts for you to wear to garden and pool parties. Not to worry, it doesn’t take from your manliness.

So, there you have it. There’s more than enough material to inspire you to host a trending pink flamingos party for your next shindig.

Spring is here and what better way to have fun with your friends than a pool party, right?

Get your thinking caps on and start planning one heck of a party! Who knows? Your party might be the next big trend on social media!

Got any other ideas you’d like to include here? Let us know with a comment below!


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