The Top 20 Trending Baby Girl Names for 2017

So, we did names for boys already, and we enjoyed the heck out of it. Now, we’re going to sum up the top baby names for girls this year.

This list will be filled with dainty, elegant and feminine names that you will fall in love with.

Again, grab a pen and paper and jot down your favorites! Depending on how close you are to your due date, I’d say you don’t have much time left to choose! Don’t wait until you’re wailing your life out before you have that “Eureka!” moment.

Trending Baby Girl Names 2017


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A classic name that’s dainty, elegant and playful all at the same time. It’s the kind of name you’d hear in classic romance novels. I love how some names for girls sounds very feminine and independent all at once.


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Doesn’t this take you back to when Anne Hathaway first rose to fame? She carried the name Mia for two installments of The Princess Diaries and we fell in love with all the princess is. It’s a name that sounds very delicate and captivating!


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A name that isn’t commonly used which is quite surprising because it’s such a nice name to have. It’s not that feminine which might be something your daughter would thank you for if she grows up to be not the super girly type.


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Ever since the Game of Thrones series made big in Hollywood, many viewers fell in love with Aria Stark’s character which is why her name has been coveted by many as baby names for girls. I personally love Aria and use that name for all of my usernames! ;)


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Yet another name that is fitting for both genders. Though that is the case, many people still choose this as one of the top names for girls when they consider baby names. It’s one of those names that is both masculine and feminine.


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Does the name ring a bell? Yes, Posh Spice and David Beckham have been the IT couple for many years and they named their son Brooklyn. It’s not the typical name you’d give a boy but it still works!


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You don’t often hear this name. I have a cousin named Avery and many people have asked where the name was derived. Most of the time, people wouldn’t ask about the origin of a name. Instead, they would default to saying how nice or beautiful a name is. Still, you can go wrong with choosing this unique name among the many names for girls.


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I cannot count how many times I’ve met babies with this name. It’s a very common name yet you don’t get tired of saying it or listening to it. It automatically has that feminine ring everyone can’t help but be attached to. So, I guess this is a safe and good choice!


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If you want to talk about uniqueness, then this is the name to go to. Think of as much people you know as you can. Are any of them named Skylar? It’s cute and one of a kind which is pretty much what you think about your daughter. Just imagine calling her Sky!


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This is as dainty and daintiness can get. The moment I hear this name, braids and flowers come to mind. Don’t ask me why but it’s like one of those psychology ink blotch tests. Not my first choice but I wouldn’t mind using it for my little gal.


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Of course, this would make the list! It’s probably one of the most used and most favorite names! I can think of 10 Maddison’s I know if you gave me 20 seconds to think. They differ in nicknames from Maddy, Mads to Addy. It may be common but at least you have a few other selection when it comes to shortening it!


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I am absolutely in love with this name. It’s so mysterious and magical because of how it translates the moon. You can’t help but say it with reverence. It’s that good.


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Ever since the Twilight saga came out, there’s never a time that Kristen Stewart’s face doesn’t come to mind whenever I hear this name. It kind of stuck to her since she played Bella. It’s a perfectly feminine name and it would suit a baby girl!


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Doesn’t it sound exotic? Or does it remind you of the futuristic robot in Wall-E? I know her name is Eve but it sounds like Ava when Wall-E says it. Your daughter will thank you when she starts learning to write her name. Three letters, plain and simple.


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This name has several variations. It can be Sophie, Sophia or Sofie and it really depends on which one you think looks and sounds better. But, it’s a great name for a baby girl. It’s cute, dainty and classy.


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Oh gosh. The Miah and Mia cat call from Princess Diaries came into mind. And we have both names on this list! Kidding aside, Maya is one hot name. Hot in a sense that when guys hear it, they immediately have a picture of a sexy latina in mind. Doesn’t apply but I’ve heard many of my guy friends say so.


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I’m sure the first person who came to your mind is the woman behind The Avengers’ Black Widow. Am I right? Don’t worry, I thought of her too. There’s something about the name that makes you feel warm inside. Maybe it’s the association to the deep rich red color that makes it sound so sophisticated and elegant.


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One of the unisex names that I love. My favorite is Carter but this is part of the top three. It’s a great name to give a baby girl and apparently many people think so too! It did make it’s way to the top names for girls this year!


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For some reason, this name has the ‘popular girl’ ring to it. Actually, any name that has the uncommonly used letter ‘Z’ gives me that vibe. I know my brain is wired weirdly but think about it a bit more and you’ll get what I mean.


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No bias. This is a beautiful name. Not because it’s also my name but because of its history. King David was very famous and he was married to a woman named Abigail. And in that love story, Abigail was the best wife anyone can ask for. Plus, the nickname Abby is pretty awesome too.

There you have it, folks. The top 20 names for girls this year you can choose from.

So, if you have short listed some of these names, sit down with your partner or family or friends to help you make the decision.

You know your baby the best even when she’s still in the womb. You’ll know it the right name when you hear it.

The trends are changing every year and while there is no need to follow them, they always serve as a great source of inspiration. You can also check out some international names (Scandinavian are really popular, but people also check out unique Hindu baby girl names).

Are any of these choices your name? Let us know in a comment below!

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