Hairstyles for School Girls

Let’s face it. There are times that moms sleep in – not on purpose but sometimes we just get so tired getting up early every morning. Because of these once in a while circumstance, we have less time to get our kids ready for school especially if you send them with packed lunches.

Then, you have your growing little girl who you can’t let go to school with hair disheveled. But then, you don’t have enough time to get her hair done. And what if you have more than one daughter?

You get the picture. Here’s what we can do to help. If you don’t already know about most of these hairstyles for school girls, then it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few more.

Hairstyles for School Girls


The first time you try this, it would take you quite some time. It’s fairly easy and quick to do once you have enough practice. So, make it a mother-daughter bonding on the weekends. Even just for 30 minutes a time would make a difference. Soon enough, you’d be a fishtail master and it won’t even take you 3 minutes to do it when during a morning rush!

2Side French Twist

French braids are easy but it’s getting boring. Spice it up by doing a side twist. Simply drag the direction of your braid to whichever side you prefer. Just make sure you comb the side properly before you continue braiding.

3Braided Head Band

This may be one of the easiest yet very feminine hairstyles for school girls. I’m in my mid-20s and I still wear my hair like this at times! It keeps all the annoying fringe away from your eyes and gives you a very ladylike look at the same time! Dual purpose!

4Double-Flip Accents

What you need is simply a topsy tail tool. It’s the hair tool that has a big loose round tip that allows you to flip a section of hair over. Do this by sections to achieve the look. Hairstyles for school girls that are of this nature is perfect for girls with wavy hair.

5Lace Braid

Doesn’t that look elegant? If your girls are the really girly type, they would love this style. Important tip: make sure you thoroughly brush the hair to get the smooth finish. Have different colored bows in stock so you can change the color from time to time!

6Chain Link Braid

Now that I’m looking at it more, it does look like a chain of braids. The accents on top of the head are so nice! I can’t imagine that this hairstyle takes less than 7 minutes to complete. Give it a try and see how quickly you can achieve this!

7French Back Round Braid

According to the tutorial, this braid will give off a 3D effect. Now, I personally have not tried this but I will make sure to do so. It does seem like a 3-dimensional braid if you look at it from all sides. Think this can be one of the hairstyles for school girls you can pull off?

8Double Lace Twist

I’ve done this before but I didn’t know there’s actually a name for it. It’s very simple, easy and can be done under 3 minutes. This is every mom’s go-to when it comes to hairstyles for school girls.

9Rope Braid

As you can see, this requires a lot of hair and twisting. This would be perfect for your girls who prefer extremely longer hair and it’s easy too! They can even do this on their own after a few practices!

10Braided Bun

You probably already know how to do this. I won’t even be surprised if this is part of your hairstyle arsenal. It’s easy, neat to look at and lasts all day. What more can you ask for, right?

I think 10 hairstyles are more than enough to last you til your next rotation right? 

There are only 5 school days in a week, after all. You can repeat the cycle every other week which means your little girls will go to school with a different style almost every day!

You may never know. She might find a fave and just stick to that for everyday pretty hair!


Have you tried any of these? Let us know with a comment below!



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