20 Pretty Hairstyles for Your Little Girl

How many times have you looked up ‘pretty hairstyles for little girls’ online?

I bet you’ve tried to make it on your own but failed. That’s okay.

It doesn’t even require a special occasion and some of us mom master this art to perfection (to the envy of the rest of us).

If you don’t want to fall behind, we have collected the 20 best pretty hairstyles that are not too difficult to master and require minimum skills.

Whether it’s first day back at school, or family gathering, these pretty hair styles will make your little girl the star of the event.

20 Pretty Hairstyles for Little Girl

Here are our top picks from around the web.

1Ribbon Bun

hair styles for girls 8

Start with a simple bun and thread through a nice ribbon for a new look. Work carefully around the bun to make sure the rest of the hair doesn’t get loose. How pretty is this!

2Bow Bun

hair styles for girls 7

You’ve probably seen an adult version of this pretty hairstyle, but it looks amazing on little girls too! The detailed tutorial video below.

3Braided Flowers

hair styles for girls

Create three braided strands that you will wrap around in the shape of a flower. Easy and pretty!

4Crown Twist Braid

hair styles

This is a medium difficulty one, follow the tutorial here or watch the video below.

5Waterfall Braid

hair styles for girls

How amazing does this look! If you want to try it on your little one’s hair, follow the picture tutorial here or follow the video below.

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6Side Braids

hair styles for girls

Simple hair style using two side braids that join in the middle with a lovely ribbon.

7Frozen Elsa’s Hair tutorial

This is the hottest trend going now among girls of course. Pamper your little princess with this Frozen hair style.

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8Twisted Ponytail

Quick and easy twisted ponytail.

9Crossed Braids

pretty hair styles for girls
image: abellasbraids.com

Pretty simple one – start braids from each corner of the forehead, the second round is not attached to the rest of the hair and it’s just resting on top of the first braided strand.

10Braid in Braid

pretty hair styles for girls

You’ll need decent length of hair to pull off this one. Tutorial here.

11Braids and Twists

pretty hair styles for girls 2

Simple braids that created a cross effect and meet in a nice ponytail. Tutorial here.

12Braids with Bow

pretty hair styles for girls 3
image: abellasbraids.com

Half braided, half curly hair decorated with a beautiful ribbon. Tutorial here.

13Use a headband

pretty hair styles 5

Absolutely adorable on little girls.

14Modern Twist with Fringe

pretty hair styles for girls 6
image: ministyleblog.com

For the little modern ladies who prefer something rather stylish.

15Side Braid and Headband

pretty hair styles 6
image: Pinterest

Looks pretty effortless yet very stylish! Below detailed tutorial video for a side braid.

16Ballerina Style double buns

pretty hair styles 7

How adorable is this?

17Simple braids

pretty hair styles 9

Great to keep the hair out of her face.

182 Min Knotted Ponytail Hairstyle

Very quick and easy, great looking ponytail

19Elsa’s Frozen Coronation Hairstyle Tutorial

pretty hairstyles for little girls

And more frozen hair styles! Now coronation style!

Which one of these pretty hairstyles is your favorite? Have you tried some other ones that look amazing and haven’t been featured here? Feel free to leave a link in the comments!