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Are you in love with your bathroom? If not, maybe it’s a good time to book a little renovation project to fall in love with your very own private spa.

Bathrooms are one of the places that can make a grand impression, especially on your guests. We underestimate how much time we actually spend in the bathroom, so it makes sense to put a little effort into making it as cozy and special as possible. If you don’t have an excessive budget, the good news is that with just a few small extra touches you can make it feel more luxurious and special.

When choosing between double sink vanities and single ones, consider the practical elements of your daily routine and pick one that makes the most sense. Even though double vanities look gorgeous, they might not be necessarily the best solution for you, for example, if you have a small bathroom or usually get up different times than your partner/husband so there is no need to worry about sharing a sink.

Get inspired and let us know which one was your favorite!

1Victorian Style Vanity

Gorgeous and grand would be the words to describe this beauty!

2Gold & Brass

Very modern approach with lots of golden touches and simplistic design.

3Countryside Style

Beautiful color and design of this vanity set makes you feel like you’re staying at your grandma’s place.

4White Double Vanity

Statement option with plenty of drawers to store your clutter.

5Industrial Design

One of the most popular designs combining hard materials like iron with Scandinavian simplicity.

6Kids Bathroom

Perfect option if you have kids that are sharing bathroom.

7Original Vanity

Fancy getting a little creative?

8Vanity & Beauty Corner

Makeup desk in a bathroom, under a window – genius idea!


Wood & plants – beautiful symphony.

10Farmhouse Double Vanity

Another farmhouse bathroom, featuring two vanity sinks and round mirrors.

11Marble Vanity

A touch of exotic – this marble sink works really well with vibrant wallpaper.

12Singer Vanity

Upcycled vanity sink.

13Minimalist with Drawers

Simple and practical.


Perfect for small apartments where you want double vanity sinks. Think mirrors and smaller sinks will work perfectly for a limited space like this one.

15Dresser to Double Vanity

A little DIY project if you want to save money.

16Playful One

Another option for kids bathroom.


Wood looks gorgeous, especially when combined with metal and stone materials.

18Dresser to Vanity Sink

Upcycled dresser turned vanity sink.



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