25 Powerful Positive Pregnancy Affirmations (plus 3x FREE Printables)

Preparing for the birth of your baby can take many forms and using positive pregnancy affirmations is certainly one of the key tools to help you plan for a positive birth experience.

Positive affirmations are a valuable tool for any area in your life, especially when it comes to a life-changing event such as giving birth!

If you’re ready to give them a try, we collected two lists of the best pregnancy affirmations below, along with 3 very useful affirmation printables that you can download and use for free. If you fancy customizing the practice a bit more, we have also provided guidance on how to write your own.

Enjoy! (scroll lower to the article if you want to download the free printables)

How do Affirmations Work?

Have you heard about the concept of neuroplasticity? In essence, it means new connections in the brain are created through change and reorganization throughout our lives.

That means you can change established beliefs and brain connections by rewiring the pathways and essentially reprogramming your brain.

That’s where affirmations come in – they help to reframe the negative self-talk and sabotaging thoughts into more helpful and healthy patterns until these new patterns are established as the default mode.

Benefits of Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

Repeating positive pregnancy affirmations will help to keep you calm during labor, help with the production of oxytocin which is crucial for the natural and intervention-free delivery of your baby, and lastly, help you build positive expectations about your birth experience.

Society has done a great job programming most of us to think that birth happens exactly as you see it on tv – full of drama, screaming and pain when in reality it can’t be further from the truth.

If you want your experience to be one to remember, and bring your baby to the world in a calm and peaceful way, affirmations in pregnancy are a great way to start on this journey.

Affirmations like these will help you to overcome these negative thought patterns and programmed narratives that you may not even be aware of, to approach birth with a positive outcome in mind, and in a peaceful state that allows your body to do its natural job.

Pregnancy affirmations are simple, yet powerful. But they have to be done right to make them effective.

See our top tips below.

Top Tips for Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

Repeating affirmations is a simple enough practice that doesn’t detailed instructions, however, you will increase your chances of them being much more effective if you follow these simple guidelines.

These tips were collected from a number of books and expert advice on the subject, and are proven to work for just about anyone.

Ready to listen up?

  • Find a quiet place to repeat your affirmations where distractions are limited – with your mind not focused, you’re likely just repeating something out loud without the words truly resonating with you
  • If you can connect emotionally with your affirmation, they will be much more powerful and bring about change much faster (if you’re repeating affirmations about your baby, imagine it vividly in your mind to create a better bond and emotional connection)
  • If you’re in labor, you can use pre-recorded pregnancy affirmations on your phone between your contractions (surges) and focus on breathing for the rest of the time. There are a lot of free apps or even dedicated hypnobirthing apps that allow you to use these for free.
  • Just as with any habit, it gets better with repetition – you can already start in your first trimester and continue until the day of your labor begins
  • Don’t get discouraged if your mind wanders off when you repeat your affirmations – just like with meditation, practice makes perfect
  • Find a format that works for you – it could be recording yourself on your phone and listening to a track of your affirmations, reading affirmations out loud or using affirmation cards placed around your home.

25 Short Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

Bookmark these for daily repetition, or use the free printable below to print and repeat every day.

  1. My body is perfectly prepared for this pregnancy
  2. My baby is the perfect size for my body
  3. The birth of my baby will be a positive experience
  4. I trust my body to do its job well
  5. My pregnant body is beautiful
  6. I am grateful for everything my body is capable of
  7. My baby is perfectly healthy
  8. Every day I am closer to meeting my baby
  9. I welcome each surge (contraction) with a deep breath
  10. Every surge (contraction) brings me closer to meeting my baby
  11. I am strong and ready to give birth
  12. My body knows exactly what to do
  13. I remain calm during my birth experience
  14. My baby will come when it’s ready
  15. I feel safe and secure giving birth
  16. I will not compare myself to other mothers
  17. Birth is normal and natural
  18. I trust my instincts to guide me through birth
  19. Birth is a source of strength and empowering
  20. My body knows how to birth easily and safely
  21. My baby will be strong and healthy when it’s born
  22. I am perfectly prepared for this birth
  23. I trust my birth partner to offer support
  24. I will be calm and relaxed during birth
  25. There is nothing to be afraid of during birth

15 Longer Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

  1. I trust my body to help guide my baby into this world and into the safety of my arms.
  2. I protect myself and my baby by allowing only positive thoughts and words about pregnancy and childbirth. 
  3. I can handle any pregnancy symptoms with ease and grace because I know this process is bringing me closer to meeting my new baby
  4. I love my pregnant body- it is radiant, beautiful, and blissful because it is equipped with everything I need to take care of my baby.
  5. My most important job in pregnancy and childbirth is to simply relax, stay centered, serene, and balanced, and allow my baby’s birth to happen.
  6. I choose to take care of my body and mind so that I can have a healthy baby and happy pregnancy.
  7. My baby is loved and she senses my love as our bond and connection grow stronger every day.
  8. I allow myself to see the beauty and joy in my pregnancy. I want to enjoy this precious time with my baby and to be empowered by all it brings.
  9. I release the discomfort of pregnancy, I let go of the worry, tension, and fear of birth and I am focused on the joy of meeting my child.
  10. My body has been perfectly designed for birth and for the process to happen naturally, without any intervention.
  11. My baby is perfectly healthy, and the perfect size for my body to birth naturally.
  12. My labor will be peaceful and I will remain fully in control of what’s happening with my body. I trust my body to do its job and help it by breathing deeply.
  13. I trust my maternal instincts to guide me through this pregnancy and childbirth.
  14. My birth will happen at the right time when my baby is ready, and I let go of any expectations I might have about it.
  15. I will continue to educate myself about childbirth and how to best take care of my baby so that when the time comes, I am confident and fully prepared.

Positive Pregnancy Affirmations: How to Write Your Own

You may find that most of the affirmations above won’t resonate with you as strongly as you want, or they don’t tackle some other pregnancy or birth-related negative self-talk that you would like to address.

In that case, a good way forward is to write your own positive affirmations.

To guide you and help with that, our negative self-talk journal printable is a great place to start. It helps you to track any negative birth or pregnancy-related thoughts and then convert them into positive affirmations that you can include in your daily practice.

Our 3 FREE Printables with Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

To help you practice pregnancy affirmations in the most efficient way, we have prepared these three custom-made printables, all available free of charge from our shop.

CLICK HERE to download your free printables – the link opens our shop page with free products. Simply proceed to checkout (no payment required) and get your printable from our order confirmation page or your order confirmation email.

These free printables are provided as A4 size and US letter size, as a single PDF file with 4 pages. Please note the license terms (provided with download) – the printables are for personal use only, not to be distributed as physical or digital copies anywhere else.

See below for a detailed breakdown of what’s included.

positive pregnancy affirmations printable 4

1. FREE Printable Poster with Positive Pregnancy Affirmations

This simple poster features a list of our top affirmations from this page, in easy to read accessible format.

You can keep a printed copy next to your bed, or somewhere on a prominent display so you can read them every time you get a few free minutes.

You can also laminate them so they are more durable.

The free printable poster is included as part of the PDF package linked above.

positive pregnancy affirmations printable 1

For best results, incorporate the daily affirmations practice into your daily routine – for example, make repeating the affirmations a part of your morning routine or read them out loud just before you go to bed.

2. FREE Printable Pregnancy Affirmation Cards

Sometimes repeating affirmations by flipping physical cards is what works best for you.

The physical act of flipping the cards helps to keep your attention on what you’re repeating, thus increasing the likelihood of your affirmations resonating much stronger with you.

If that is the case, you can use our free printable card affirmations, or create your own by filling in the blank template provided.

positive pregnancy affirmations printable 2

Some people also swear by having affirmation cards placed around the house, so they see them when they brush their teeth, go to the fridge, leave the house etc.

Experiment with a few options and stick with what works best for you!

3. FREE Self Talk Journal for Pregnancy & Birth

If you want to explore your own pregnancy affirmations, or simply track and get rid of some limiting beliefs and fears, this printable is perfect to help you work through that.

You can use it as a standalone tool to help you narrow down your own custom-made pregnancy affirmations, or use it alongside your current affirmation practice to find any other thought patterns and negative self-talk that still needs addressing.

positive pregnancy affirmations printable 3

The printable features three columns with simple instructions how to use them, and three blocks for writing your observations – if you need more space simply print out multiple copies of this sheet.

Terms & Conditions for use:

The free printables are available with our standard personal use license which allows you to print them at home, as many copies as you would like for your personal use. It is strictly prohibited to use these products for commercial use, to give them out as part of a competition, as freebie, or profit from them in similar ways.

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