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In case you haven’t noticed yet, rattan is going BIG this year! Be it through influencers, or the galore of stunning products on Pinterest, we’ve taken to rattan as bees to honey.

In a quest for all things natural and a more laid back approach to interior design, rattan is the material that really delivers the desired effect.

Below is a selection of some of the most wow-worthy pieces of furniture and accessories we could find – PIN your heart out and design the home of your dreams in just a few clicks.

We’ve got our favorites picked out, what about you?

1Peacock Rattan Bed

Furniture straight out of a Hollywood movie. This bed is really as pretty as it gets!

2Coat Hangers

Get it here

Absolutely adorable coat hangers and – thanks to the use of rattan material – they add a bit of a tropical vibe too!

3Day Bed

No need to leave for an exotic vacation when you have a piece of the tropics straight at home. This day bed was made just for day dreaming.

4Tiered Rattan Lamp

Not keen to go big on rattan? Add a small touch like this gorgeous lamp to liven up the interior.

5Hanging Rattan Chair

Jungle vibes will be right on spot with this beautiful boho chair.

6Low Rattan Bed

Perfect for kids room!

7Rattan Wine Bar

Impress your guests with this cool tropical vibe bar!

8Peacock Chair

The Mother of ALL chairs! How gorgeous is this?

9Rattan String Light

Decadent and romantic, yet so cool!

10White Rattan Chair

Anthropologie – Get it here

Beautiful contrast of rattan with white color and super sleep design.

11Chair with Ottoman

Luxurious chair with a comfy arched back support and the cutest ottoman to go with it.

12Rattan Mirror

Your walls would love one of these!

13Rattan Chair with Cushions

Boho vibes are spot on with this elegant & simple rattan chair.

14Rattan Basket

Perfect accessory for any table – not just practical, but it will get all your guests talking!

15Large Rattan Mirror

Make a statement in your hallway with this sleek rattan mirror.

16Large Rattan Bed

Hear the noises of the jungle as you fall asleep in this one-of-a-kind rattan bed.

17Rattan Candle Holders

Establish a beach house feel with a single flick of the lighter – these candle holders look perfect both outside or insider your home.

18Rattan Storage Cabinet

A cool display for your most precious possessions.

19Rattan Storage Baskets

Even dirty laundry will not look ugly in these pretty baskets.

20Rattan Plant Holder

Showcase your plants with this beautiful plant holder. Great for outdoors & indoors alike.

21Dark Rattan Bed

Sweet dreams are pretty much guaranteed in this gorgeous bed!

22Rattan Coffee Table

Clever storage & modern design – love at first sight.

23Rattan Ottoman

Too pretty to put your feet on, we know!

24Rattan Candle Holders

Doesn’t it make you instantly feel like you live in a beach house?

25Rattan Napkin Holders

Save a little treat for your dining table too, ideally with the matching candle holders above =)


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