How To Reduce Wedding Preparation Costs

A wedding ceremony is an event filled with excitement, joy, and everything positive and lovely. Even though it is full of enjoyable activities, weddings still cost money to prepare. 

All that fun and happiness you get when you dance on the stage comes at a high price.

However, there are many ways through which you can reduce the cost of preparing for your wedding, and those methods are what this article will discuss. 

Implementing these things listed in this post will help you to save money for other expenses in your home after the wedding event.

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How To Reduce Wedding Preparation Costs

Reduce the Number of Guests

One of the best ways to minimize the cost of preparing for a wedding is to reduce the number of guests you invite, even though it may not sound good. 

The more guests you will entertain, the higher your expenses. Check your guest list and see if there are people you should consider not inviting. 

You are not discriminating or sidelining them on your big day; you are simply working with your budget and what you can afford to spend for your wedding.

Pick a Date That Does not Fall Within the Holiday for Your Wedding

Picking a date that is not a seasonal holiday is another way to save costs. Some wedding venue owners charge higher for hall rentals during event seasons like Christmas, Easter, etc. 

When you fix your wedding during these seasons, you will pay more to rent things you need for the ceremony – including hall, seats, caterers, and many more.

Alternatively, you can also look for venues that provide discounts to people who wish to hire their event center during the weekdays or off-peak times for weddings. Get in touch with wedding venue owners and make inquiries regarding this.

Hire Your Wedding Outfits

Hiring your wedding outfits instead of buying them is another way to save money while preparing for your wedding. You shouldn’t purchase new suits and gowns for an occasion that will happen for just a day. 

Look for an exquisite wedding outfit rental store and hire your outfits from them. 

You can buy other body accessories like flowers, rings, shoes, etc., yourself – they don’t cost much. 

For men’s wedding rings, choose a band made with either antler bone, platinum, Damascus steel, titanium, tungsten, etc., because they are strong and last long. A female band crafted with silver, gold, or diamond is ideal for women.

Send Your Wedding Invitation Via Email

Another way to reduce the cost of wedding preparations is to send your invitation through email to people instead of the traditional way of printing cards. 

Choose one of the many downloadable email wedding invitation templates available online to create a wedding invitation you will send to your guests. 

There are also unique email address templates you can download and use to send the invites for this purpose. Not printing your wedding IV and sending the same to your guests’ addresses or physically will spare you some money. 

Select a Budget-Friendly Venue

You don’t have to break the bank to prepare for a wedding which entails getting a venue for the reception. If you are on a limited budget, rent a wedding venue that will not cost much to rent. 

However, do not compromise on space and quality – there are spacious wedding reception halls you can rent without paying much – you only have to book the location early. 

Doing this will save you some money you can use to take care of other things on your wedding preparation list.

Make Your Wedding Cake One Layer

Even though it may sound odd, making your wedding cake one tier will help you save money because multi-tier cakes cost more. 

Contact a baker to bake a tasty, single-tier wedding cake instead of a multi-tier one that may cost you more. 

Incorporate some faux tiers on the cake to make it more spectacular if you want to use a cake with more than one layer. Even better, you can ask the baker to use a plain iced cake to fill the fake part.

Alternatively, you can bake your cake by yourself. Although it’s not advisable to make your wedding cake yourself – unless you’re an expert, using the services of a trusted relative or friend skilled in baking can help you reduce wedding preparation costs.

Hire Cheaper Cars for Transportation

You can hire cheaper cars if you don’t have a personal vehicle for transportation on your wedding day. 

All you need is a means to get to and fro your wedding venue, and a good car can serve that purpose – you must not break the bank to do that. 

Alternatively, consider hiring a work colleague, relative, or friend. You can ask a family member or friend who has a car to help you on that day. 

Doing this will help you to save money for other essential things for your wedding.

Don’t Use VIP Cards

Some of the VIP cards and branded packets that come with wedding invites are an unnecessary expense – especially when the person you are giving the invitation to will still honor it even if you don’t brand it. 

There’s not much difference between regular wedding invitation cards and VIP cards. Use one style of card to invite your guests to your wedding to save cost.

Do a Simple Wedding Hall Interior Décor 

Wedding hall decoration is something you will use only once, so spending above your budget for it is not ideal. 

Hire a reception arena decorator that will give a simple and beautiful decoration that will provide beautiful background for your video coverage and photos.

Reduce the Number of Your Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

You don’t need many groomsmen and bridesmaids for your wedding. Except they agree to foot their outfits bills.

Select just one groomsman and a bridesmaid for your wedding to help you reduce unnecessary spending. 

In addition, having a bridal shower or party is unnecessary – especially if you have a small budget for the wedding. If you must have it, reduce the number of bridesmaids to just a few to make the cost of bridesmaid gowns, hair, and cosmetics easier to afford.

In Summary

To reduce the cost of preparing for a wedding, do a simple hall interior décor, don’t use VIP cards if it’s not vital, make your wedding cake one layer, and reduce the number of your bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

You can also reduce your number of guests, hire cheaper cars for transportation, and hire your wedding outfits to make things fit within your budget.

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