tips for choosing the right chairs for your dining room

Chairs in different shapes follow us throughout life and play a central, important role both outside and inside our homes. A chair is a place for many different purposes – rest, socializing, hosting dinner parties, and as a place for leisure. You can adapt chairs to your liking and taste by choosing from different shapes, functions, colors, and materials. 

Many chairs today are not only functional but very beautiful, like works of art, and create a unique atmosphere in the home. Simply allow your creativity to set the limits. Have several of the same models or mix different models, sizes, and materials to complement your dining room just the way you want it! Create a uniform impression for the room or go wild mixing to create a unique combination that gives life to the dining area.

1Mix Practicality And Design

The chair is one of the most practical pieces of furniture which still exudes a pleasing aesthetic. It is in no way a trivial object. One of its many extraordinary functions is that it supports the body and maintains a proper body posture.

A chair that has made an artistic statement but is also attractive, light, comfortable, and perfect for use in any living or dining room, is the wishbone chair. It was drawn in 1949 by Denmark’s most productive furniture designer Hans Wegner, inspired by the classic portraits of Danish merchants sitting on Chinese Ming chairs, and is considered one of the most prominent designs from his portfolio of more than 500 pieces! It is often called the “Y” chair because of its Y-shaped back. 

A chair can also be placed in different living spaces, preferably in a corner of the living room or maybe next to the bed instead of having a bedside table. For a cozier feeling, you can hang a plaid throw over the chair.

2Comfort & Upholstery Fabric

Is there anything more satisfying than long dinners with a bunch of friends gathered around the table? If you agree, you should choose a chair that is comfortable to sit in for a long time, with high seating comfort and quality upholstery fabric. Chairs with upholstered seats are generally a little softer and more comfortable. The same goes for armchairs. 

The most common natural fabrics that are used for the upholstery of dining chairs are cotton and linen. If you choose a leather upholstered chair, be careful with which leather you choose. Natural leather gets a nice patina but is more sensitive and does not fit all dining areas.

There are many materials to choose from, but it is important to select the right one because dining chairs are prone to food stains and drink spillage.

3Choose Your Style

In addition to comfort, many people value the chair’s appearance and want the dining area to be beautiful to look at. One piece of advice is to buy chairs that look good from several angles. There is a vast choice of styles. You should always look at the rest of the room’s style to see what fits your home. This is especially important if the dining area is seen from several different angles and rooms in the home. 

Another thing to keep in mind is the shape of the chair and how it responds to the space. A large room with a high ceiling can often handle a slightly higher upholstered chair than a smaller room. In a smaller room, a neater chair is often better, preferably with a smaller back or which can be seen through.

When it comes to color, generally you get a cooler contrast if chairs and tables are not the same color or material. A fun detail is to choose different chairs but to paint them in the same color.

4Wood or Plastic?

The material of the chair affects both the seating comfort and the expression of the room. Plastic chairs are often less sensitive to be damaged compared to most wooden chairs.

If you choose an oiled wooden chair, you will need to maintain it regularly. An oiled chair that is new, should be oiled once before it is used and preferably 1-2 times a year after that in order to increase the chair’s durability. A lacquered wooden chair is more durable and does not need to be maintained in the same way because the lacquer lies on the surface of the chair. 

The quality of the chair you choose to buy is something to have in mind in order to keep the chairs you buy for as long as possible. High-quality chairs are often more comfortable and stable than the cheaper, lower-quality variants, so even for your own comfort, it is a better choice to invest in high quality, if possible.

5Kitchen or Dining Room?

Before we choose a chair, we must decide whether the chair should be in a dining room or in a kitchen. The area of use and the style often look very different for the two rooms. In a kitchen, a neater and more durable chair fits better. The chair will probably stand in a narrower space, used more often and less carefully than in a dining room.

There is often more space in the dining room and that is why armchairs with fabric or leather upholstery are the perfect option. This creates a finer impression and provides better comfort for dinner guests.

6Think About Size

Last but not least, it is important to think about the size of the chair, how much space you have around the dining table, and how many chairs you want to fit. Each seat should be at least 64 cm wide so that the sitter can move normally, but preferably more than that. The height of the dining table is usually 72 or 74 cm, but be careful to measure, especially if your table is older.

For both these and lower heights, most armchairs do not fit under the table, which means that the chair takes up more space. Keep in mind that upholstered chairs increase the seat height slightly, especially as the upholstery is fixed. If space is not a scarce commodity, try to have 120 cm between the back of the chair and the wall. Then the guests can easily pass and you can easily get in and out of the chair.

Closing Words

We can easily say that the dining room is the heart of the home. It is the room where we get together with friends, share delicious meals, and have great conversations. Finding the right dining room chairs and creating an inviting feeling in the home is not the easiest thing.

Chairs offer a spectrum of functions and designs while helping us organize our human interactions in the living spaces. Therefore, you should make sure that the ones you choose will add the visual style to your home while providing the comfort necessary for everyday life.