Christmas Cactus Care – What You Need To Know To Keep Your Plant Happy

While everyone is focused on Christmas trees, reindeer, and gifts, there is a very special flower blooming at this time.

Do you believe in Christmas magic? If not wait to see the beautiful Christmas cactus- a coastal special flower coming from Brazil. Why is magical? Maybe just because it’s blooming is like a Christmas gift from nature.

If you have Christmas cactus at your home or planning to have it, here are some useful tips on how to keep your Christmas cactus happy. Having artificial Christmas plants as a decoration in your home is a piece of cake. But with a gorgeous blooming Christmas cactus, you will get a totally different holiday spirit.

Christmas Cactus Care – Essential Tips

Like all living plants, it has its special needs.

Light exposure, watering, soil PH.

  • Light: The Christmas cactus doesn’t require direct sunlight. According to some green thumb sources if you want to enjoy more blooming Christmas cactus – you should keep the plant in a place with indirect light. Here is a formula you can follow- expose the plant in daylight for 8 hours and then 16 hours in a dark place for a duration of 8 days. In this way, you will initiate the flower buds’ production.
  • Soil: In nature, these beautiful cacti grow in humid, mountain coastal areas. They prefer acid, humus-rich soil, and peat or well-decomposed compost. On some occasions, you can even add aquarium gravel or coarse sand to provide better pot drainage.
  • Watering: if you have this gorgeous cactus outdoor and it is exposed to sunlight and dry air, you better watering it every 2- 3 days. Growing a Christmas plant indoor is a bit easier. Needs watering once per week especially if it is in a darker, humid, and cooler room.
  • Temperature- definitely this plant prefers cooler temperatures. It can be grown even at temperatures around 12-15 C
  • Fertilization: the best period for fertilization is after blooming. Of course, you can use special fertilization for succulents, or to try with some homemade and natural products.
  • Re-potting: make your Christmas cactus happy as you changing its pot once per year after flowering.

Happy Blooming Christmas Cactus

Enjoy full of blooming Christmas cactus pot exactly on the merriest and joyful time of the year- Christmas.

Here what you need to know when you are growing this plant.

  • Change the temperature: Keep the plants in a cooler place during the blooming period.
  • Limit the watering: Water them once per week just to keep the soil moist.
  • Keep it in a darker place: Make sure your Christmas cactus stay in a dark place for about 14-16 hours per day.

Following these easy steps of Christmas cactus care, you will be surrounded by beautiful flowers for about 6 weeks.

Such a lovely Christmas decoration for your home.

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