Winter Wedding Trends for this Season

Having a winter wedding is a little piece of magic. In addition to the cold and snowy weather, there is a lot of charm and sparkling emotions. 

The white snow cover, the bright or earthy tones in the decoration, and the love in the fresh icy air can create a magical, beautiful and inspiring atmosphere. Outerwear and hot drinks are a must, as are boots, but this will by no means make your look less festive. 

Brides-to-be could take advantage of the additional winter accessories for their wedding dresses. Fur coats and capes decorated with stones bring additional fancy style to the whole wedding outfit. 

Following some of the creative ideas for a winter wedding that we will offer you, you can prepare a unique and unforgettable celebration with a lot of comfort and warming moments.

What is winter without evergreen needles? Pine twigs are a favorite of decorators, not only because they are easy to use, but also because of their great aroma and the feeling they create – for freshness and celebration. 

Wreaths of pine twigs can be both in the center of the decoration and as an addition to the decoration. Choose additional colors for accents and you will have a beautiful wedding decoration

Small pots with Christmas trees can become great gifts for your guests. But be careful that your wedding does not turn into a New Year’s celebration or a simple Christmas party.

Winter Wedding Trends for this Season

1. Winter Wedding in Lace

When you want to add more tenderness to the lace using the warmth of velvet. Add a thin strip of red velvet to the envelopes of the invitations or to the decoration of the tables and you will surely add a lot of softness and coziness to the overall look of the wedding. Velvet lovers can also include it in the buttonholes, in the bride’s hair flower, or in the bridesmaids’ belts. 

2. Winter Wedding with Glitter

Winter – the time when the sun’s rays are reflected in the snowdrifts and the whole earth seems to shine. 

This is a great occasion to use the glitter in the decor and style of the wedding. Start with the invitations by adding a delicate brocade to the background of the paper. 

During the ceremony, you can accentuate the brilliance with a confetti bar, with sparklers in different colors. 

And the elegant shiny shoes are the perfect finish to the bride’s look. 

Delicate satin embroidered with sequins and beads would be a great addition to the bouquet. 

Diamonds, silver, gold, and bronze are ideal shades for the tables in the restaurant. 

The bridesmaids will look very chic with dresses made of shiny fabrics. 

Finally – the wedding cake – can be decorated with diamonds and brocade, edible, of course. And let’s not forget the fireworks!

3. Winter Wedding Decoration with Cotton Buds

Fluffy and incredibly light cotton buds can decorate any holiday. They make any decor snowy and festive at the same time.

Adding them to the bridal bouquet can give it a unique tenderness. 

The presence of cotton buds in the decoration of the ceremony and the arch give an eco-style to the wedding. 

You can combine them with both natural materials and lace, satin, and silk. 

Dried flowers are also a very suitable addition to cotton buds.

4. Yarn Winter Wedding Decorations

What is winter without something warm and cozy? The yarn brings the mood for something soft and comfortable, made by hand. 

The first thing you can start with is for the more daring brides – a knitted dress. It can be made entirely of woven flowers, of any size. 

You can also include the yarn in the decoration of the restaurant and the tables. In this way, you will give a feeling of comfort and warmth.

5. Love in Flames

Candles are a key element of any wedding, but in winter they will give it a special charm. They will immerse your guests in a calm and warm atmosphere, as if in front of the fireplace, with an interesting book in hand. And what could be better than making them feel at home at your celebration? 

Decorate the ceremony venue with thousands of candles for true romance.

Remember that at all times someone must make sure that the candles are not extinguished, so as not to spoil the atmosphere.

6. Winter Wedding Decoration with Natural Elements

In winter it is especially beautiful to use natural materials. 

Natural wooden washers, which can count the years of the tree, will be great to decorate the tables in the restaurant. 

For greater effect, you can add candles, cones, dried leaves and flowers, and all kinds of gifts from winter nature. 

The ceremony in a cozy country house can be decorated with small baskets full of cones placed on old wooden tables. 

And a wedding cake served on an untreated wooden board would be great.

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