How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Invitation

The beautiful and stylish personalised wedding invites that you choose, to officially announce your intention to matrimonially commit to your partner, set the mood and tone for your wedding.

Choosing a theme and colour scheme for your wedding is an excellent way to ensure that your personalities and sense of style filter through to all of the key elements of your special day. The design theme of your wedding invites, and other items of your luxury wedding stationery, should be inspired by a style that you and your beloved adore, or a passion or hobby that you share.

The wedding venue, and the season that you’re planning to get married in, can also be used to define your wedding invitation theme, if you’re stuck for ideas.

Whether you dream of being a fairytale princess bride who marries her Prince Charming in a lavish wedding, or of exchanging rings and vows in a low-key intimate and private ceremony, you’ll need to choose the perfect wedding invitations to send to out to all of your guests.

No matter how many weddings trends come and go…vintage, modern, rustic and country styles will never go out of fashion. If you love them all and are having trouble deciding which one of these is really you, read on to discover your perfect wedding invite match…


If you have your heart set on getting hitched in a classic, formal or traditional wedding, you can easily incorporate vintage glamour into your wedding style and theme. Take inspiration from The Great Gatsby and choose an elegant venue for your wedding reception. You can go upscale with a tux and ballgown dress code, or keep it fashionably simple with just a hint of a bygoneera.

Choose an elegant and timeless design and premium quality paper for your bespoke wedding invitations. The perfect personalised wedding invites for a vintage wedding should beautifully reflect the ambience of your chosen theme.

You can provide a glimpse of the wedding venue on the invites, or include decorative embellishments that reference Art Deco design or the ‘20s-‘40s era.

If your vintage preference is shabby chic, you can adorn your custom-made wedding invitations with an opulent decorative finish, like metallic foiling. The intricate detailing of vintage lace, romantic florals, and soft pastel colors will also help to set the tone for a vintage-style wedding celebration.


The modern wedding style is highly versatile and often includes glamorous and luxurious attributes. This type of wedding style is a less formal than a traditional affair, but equally stylish. A modern wedding deserves personalised wedding invites that boast a classy minimalist design, clean lines and geometric shapes.

Impress your guests by designing your own modern customized wedding stationery and invites. If you love color, you can feature a stunning watercolor blend to make your wedding invitations stand out from the crowd. Alternatively, you can wow family and friends with a stunning photographic image of the happily engaged couple on the front of the card and chic lettering.

For a sophisticated contemporary vibe, add metallic ink shimmer or glitter sparkle to your beautiful bespoke wedding invites, to grab the attention of everyone on your VIP guest list.


The beauty of the great outdoors, and the simplicity of country living greatly influence the rustic wedding style. This type of wedding theme is a popular choice in the spring and summer months. As rustic weddings typically feature elements like timber, metal and wildflowers, it’s the perfect choice for you if you love being in nature.

If you’re getting married in a casual ceremony held in a vineyard, marquee, trendy tipi or barn, it’s a nice idea to let your guests know what to expect. You can do this by designing a wedding invitation that flaunts a charming and fun DIY style.

You can handcraft your invites, and feature materials like brown Kraft paper, jute and hessian, ribbons, dried flowers, and string. Or, your wedding invitations can be professionally designed to your individual specifications, and include pretty laser-cut details, foil embellished botanical plants, or border decoration.

It’s best to choice a palette of neutral and muted tones to ensure that your stylish rustic wedding invite makes the most impact.


If you’re planning to tie the knot in gold old-fashioned country style, your personalised wedding invites should clearly convey this to your guests. As a country wedding traditionally takes place on a farm or in the rural countryside, it makes sense to incorporate your surroundings into the design of the invites that you send to your wedding guests.

A country style wedding theme may include many of the classic features that typically define the quaint and laidback rustic/DIY style. If you need inspiration or your wedding invite design or venue décor, take a trip out to the country and immerse yourself in the gorgeous surroundings.

Your custom hand-made wedding invitations can display a wood effect or plain Kraft background, and illustrations or prints of a gorgeous wreath or flower crown, lush garlands, strings of lights, and twine. As the charming country theme is relatively fuss-free, the perfect color palette for your wedding invites is neutral.

To make your country-style wedding invitations more personal, you can include your flower and vine entwined initials on the front of the card, or a pre-wedding photo of you and your partner posing in authentic hoedown attire!

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