Easter recipes to try this year

How to make your Easter table more irresistible, and tempting? Get inspired by some of the most mouth-watering Easter recipes to try this year.

What I really like about Easter is the flexibility and variety of meals you can serve. There are no specific traditions to follow about the number of dishes like on Thanksgiving. So, you can freely express your culinary skills in so many ways. From fresh and easy appetizers to real master chefs meals, and sweet treats. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the colorful eggs, soft homemade brioche that fills up the entire house with its special flavor. Or the juicy, honey-glazed vegetables and ham.

So before you run to chase the Easter bunny, make sure you feed yourself with energized, fresh, extremely delicious meals inspired by the selected Easter recipes.

1Salomon Cucumber Bites

Fresh starter with cucumber rings with smoked salomon, ricota, and fresh dill.

2Glazed Rainbow Carrots

This side dish could be the best friend of your festive ham, duck or even stek dinner.

3Zucchini Sushi Rolls

Roasted zucchini spring rolls, filled with creamy feta cheese and sun-dried tomato, and fresh basil.

4Cinnamon Bunnis

Cute, sweet bunny rolls with the irresistable cinnamon flavor, perfectly match to your Easter dessert table.

5Carrot Cake Loaf

Very popular Easter cake that make your festive table complete.

6Italian Easter Bread

Bring the colors of your rainbow with freshly baked Italian Easter bread. Play with colors and shape to get the real spring spirit.

7Bunny Number Cake

Challenge yourself with this Easter cake inspired by the number cake method. Show your crafted skills not only with the shape of the cake, but with its decoration technique too.

8Hot Cross Bun

“Hot cross buns.One a penny.Two a penny…” Soft as cotton, ideal for your festive dinner.

9No-Bake Easter Cake

Looking for an easy Easter recipes for dessert? Well, try this no-bake Easter cake and steal your guests hearts.

10Cheese-filled Easter Eggs

Rich and creamy cheesecake variation served in chocolate eggs is a splendid dessert to finish your festive dinner.

11Meringue Nests

If you prefer lighter dessert, these merinque nests are just for your. Ready in less than 20 minutes, but with long lasting flavor.

12Carrot Patch Cupcakes

Play it safe with this no- fail Easter cupcake recipe with chocolate glazed strawberries.

13Chocolate Nest Cupcakes

Easter is all about bunnies, eggs, and delicious food.

14Healthy Easter Snack Board

Spring is the best time of the year to find fresh fruits and vegetable. Take this as an advantage and serve a fresh, healthy snack board to your guests.

15Chocolate Bunnies Cocktails

Easy and very original way to serve your chocolate cocktails or liqueur.

16Easter Bunny Bread

Surprise your kids with an Easter bunny bread. It is a wonderful idea to keep them busy around you in the kitchen.

17Glazed Veggies

Roasted root vegetables, sprinkled with fresh herbs idealy fit to your festive table.

18Chocolate Bunny Cupcakes

Easter bunny is everywhere. You can see it as a topping on your cupcakes.

19Flock Cakes


Sweet, fluffy sheep cakes will give your Easter more joyful atmosphere.

20Chocolate Easter Milkshake

Crashed colored mini chocolate eggs make this milkshake a mandatory element of your Easter menu.

21Carrot Cake

Carrot cake could be found in many Easter recipes variations. Just pick one and play with the decoration.

22Mozzarella Tulips

Fresh mozzarella stuffed tomato tulips will give your festive table more brightness, colors, and mouth-watering effect.

23Carrot Margarita Cocktail

Unusual combination that will steal your heart away with the first sip.

24Egg Sprinkle Cookies

What is Easter without its colorful eggs?

25Strawberry Easter Cake

Celebrate Easter with this delectable strawberry cake with a chocolate nest.

26Chocolate Mousse Terrine

source: House of Food

A dessert for all chocolate lovers- chocolate mousse terrine with elegent, creamy and rich chocolate flavor.

27Sandwich Cake

Easter recipes to try this year

Sandwich cake will be something that you will prepare on each celebration and party once your kids taste it.

28Shrimp Spring Bites

Fency shrimp appetizer on fresh cucumber rolls, and avocado paste. So, delicious…