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If you’re as excited as we are about the upcoming holidays, you know that decorating the home is one of the highlights of the whole season.

While the Christmas tree gets usually the most attention, there are other parts of your home that can be transformed into a magical Winter Wonderland by using a simple festive garland. They double up wonderfully to be used on your mantles and also stairs, creating a matching festive look to welcome Santa into your home.

Trends come and go each year, and while this year the focus seems to be on all things natural, you can’t go wrong with some of the classics using red and gold as your decoration elements.

If you’re going to DIY your whole masterpiece, there is nothing easier than creating a simple garland that you can decorate with what your heart desires. If you’re out of time or spot something truly gorgeous in the shops, nobody would hold that against you! =)

Below we’ve divided some of the most stunning xmas garlands examples from Pinterest to give you the ultimate list of festive inspiration to choose from. Starting with fireplace and mantle decorations, half way through you will also find inspiration for stairs decorations.

Fireplace and Mantle Xmas Garlands

1Festive Classic

2Candles & Stars

source: Pinterest

3Green & Gold

4Farmhouse Inspired Mantle Garland

source: Pinterest

5Orange in Focus

source – magicalchristmaswreaths.co.uk

6Red with a bit of Sparkle

7German Inspired Mantle Garland

8Frosted Mantle Garland

9Simple & Elegant Xmas Garlands


11Light & Stars

source: Pinterest

12Bold with Blue

13Frosted Kingdom

14Wild Flora

15Silver Sparkle with Baubles

16Pine Cones and Mini Trees

17Snowy Wonderland

source: Pinterest

18Ready Made Sparkle

19All Natural Xmas Garlands

20Hand Crafted in Red

21Simple Winter Garland

22Minimalist Approach

23Poinsettia Garland

24Forest Inspired Garland

25White, Green & Gold

26Asymmetrical Garland

27Cinnamon & Oranges

28Candles in Focus


29Over the Top

30For Kids Room


31Bold & Bright Xmas Garlands

32One of a Kind

Xmas Garlands for Stairs

33Xmas Classic

34Garland Alternatives

35Forest Inspired Xmas Garlands

36Green and Red Classic

37White in Focus

38Natural Xmas Garlands

39Add Flowers

40Tiny Baubles

source: Pinterest

41With Xmas Stockings

42Copper & Gold

43Outdoor Stairs Garland

44Baubles on Display

45Winter Leaves Xmas Garlands

46All Silver

47Gold Ribbons

48White Gold

source: Pinterest

49All Green Xmas Garlands

50Black in Focus

source: Pinterest

51Natural Foliage – On Trend

52Romantic Garland


54Purple & Pink

55Paper Garland

56On a Final Note – How to Decorate

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55+ Festive DIY Xmas Garlands Ideas for Fireplaces and Stairs


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