Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Kitchens were once only a place to prepare meals and clean dishes. Now, with the open plan becoming even more popular in recent years, many people have turned the kitchen into a focal point of the home. 

The kitchen is now a place that brings the family together at the start of the day or in the evenings after a long and tiresome day. People can sit together and prepare and enjoy good food.

With larger windows that let in plenty of natural light, we continue to see light playing a big role in the design of the kitchen. But this is only but one of the many trends that have popped up.

To have a bespoke and trendy kitchen, you need to hire an expert designer, such as Anglia Kitchens and Bedrooms. Let’s take a look at the top 10 kitchen design trends that we can expect to see in 2020.

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Smart Technology in the Kitchen

With the rate at which technology is changing, it is not surprising that it found its way into the kitchen. Think of smart gadgets, such as coffee makers, that you can program to find ready coffee in the morning or a motion-sensing faucet that detects hands underneath and opens up the water.

Less White

White has been the most popular color in our kitchens. It has been everywhere from the cabinets to the floors. Now, many people are exploring with different themes, including natural wood accents.

Darker colors, such as silver grays and black, are also finding their way into the kitchen. For those who like to try out new things, colors such as blues and greens are a welcome addition. These provide a seductive pop-up and turn the kitchen into a fun, warm, and welcoming part of the house.

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More Quartz

When quartz for countertops first entered the market, it was a welcome design and many home builders included it in their kitchen design. However, there were also those who were concerned that quartz didn’t offer the level of variety that is given by granite.

However, thanks to technology, quartz countertops now come in many different colors and designs. What’s more, quartz requires less maintenance and is extremely long-lasting. 

Fixtures and Lighting

Lighting plays a big role in the overall design of the kitchen. Think of kitchen pendant lighting, exposed wires, kitchen island lighting, loft lighting, or industrial lot style lighting. There are many stunning designs for the modern homeowner.

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Streamlining the Design

Some of the older styles, such as the farmhouse or the midcentury modern, make use of intricate designs and curvature. While this is still popular, more and more people prefer a simple design achieved by streamlining the kitchen. This means straight lines and sharp edges. 

Part of the reason why it is becoming popular is it creates a sense of ease. After a long day, it can help the mind relax much quicker.

Better Use of Storage Space

Initially, storage space in the kitchen was defined by cabinetry. The downside is that cabinets tend to use space in an inefficient manner. A lot of space wasted in cabinets and this is especially of major concern with smaller sized kitchens.

Now, people are rethinking kitchen space and cabinets through pull outs, tray dividers, drawer dividers, and caddies, all of which allow efficient use of space.

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Ceramic Tiles

While there’s no denying that hardwood flooring is super popular with kitchen designs, the second most popular type of flooring is ceramic tiles, which is quickly gaining ground. 

The advantage of ceramic tiles is that they can come in different designs and sizes, allowing homeowners to choose what works best for them.

Bring in the Outdoors

Windows, walls, and doors not only allow plenty of natural light to come in, but they’re also bringing in the outdoors. 

Furthermore, homeowners are now setting up space right outside the kitchen where they can hang out and enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature. This can be done by installing large windows, glass doors, as well as installing glass walls.

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Kitchen Island

The kitchen island has become the focal point in the modern kitchen. It serves as both a dining area and a place to prepare meals. Additionally, it plays a huge role in the design of the kitchen. It’s also versatile and can also add extra storage space.

Metal Accents

Metal accents continue to play a major role in improving the design of the kitchen. They help break the monotony and provide a sense of style and elegance. 

In 2020, it’s unlikely that we are going to see any changes in this trend.

Final Thoughts

The kitchen is an important part of the modern home. It’s no longer just a place to prepare food but also a place for the family to hang out. 

The kitchen design in 2020 is set to include trends such as metal accents, beautiful light fixtures, as well as more natural light through large windows.

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