8 Weird Things you Never Appreciated before you became a Parent

Years before you became a parent, there were a lot of things that didn’t mean as much to you.

As you read the first sentence, I’m positive you just had a minor flashback inside your head thinking about the life you had before screaming and crying angels whose appetites are like bottomless pits.

Who wouldn’t?

It was a life of self-preservation, less stress, and plenty of time to yourself. Nobody else to worry about except for your own needs and wants. It was life as most singles would say.

Hakuna Matata as Timon and Pumba would say. Certain things didn’t matter much but gone are those days and come the time of you being responsible for lovingly nurturing a life.

Here are several things you didn’t give a rat’s ass about or even consider to be something so important when you have babies you’d breathe a sigh of relief every time these things come your way.

I think we can all agree when we say life changes when you step into the wonderful world of taking full care of another human being.

1. Someone opening the door for you

Especially if you’re pushing a stroller or have your kids in tow. When you were single, pushing open a heavy door was a simple task. Maybe a tad tedious because of your small build but try pushing a door open with a stroller right in front of you.  It’s like a round of Tug of War.

Yes, I know. Seeing how much taxes we pay, I also wish there are automatic doors everywhere. But just as democracy has its limits, so does the extent of the benefits the public gets from their taxes.

Open a door for someone with a stroller or with kids in tow. You’d receive one of the sincerest thank yous you’ll ever hear in life. And, you probably added another a few more days to their lifespan.

2. Changing Tables

I remember the first time I saw a changing table, I got so curious I pulled it down and asked my mom what it was. I always remembered my mom using the sink to wash my sister’s bum because there was no surface she can lay her on and wipes were not a thing back then.

Imagine the relief moms and dads have now because there’s a chance of avoiding getting poop on our pants, a slightly less flailing around from your baby and a surface you can actually use that is a bit more sanitary than the public restroom floor.

I have tried changing a baby on my lap while I was sitting on a public toilet. And let me tell you, it wasn’t pleasant. I looked like I just got out of 3 hours of workout with a bit of mud wrestling when I left the stall. Now, the view of the Koala Kare logo is like a flash of heaven.

3. Thick walls or better yet sound proof walls

So, maybe this had different importance when you were single or just newly married. After all, you neighbors don’t need to hear how good your guys is in bed. Spare them the envy and the banging on your bedroom wall that can kill the buzz.

Now that you have kids? You’re thankful for reinforced walls so your neighbors don’t hear your kids screaming in the middle of the night because of the boogeyman or a tummy ache or they’re just basically making your life a bit more difficult by throwing a tantrum.

At least, you wouldn’t expect an eviction notice posted on your front door when you wake up.

4. Paper Table Cloths

Butcher’s paper for table cloths is one of man’s greatest inventions. Who knew this would be the solution to one of moms’ greatest enemies – food stains.

It’s the perfect table cloth now that the shabby chic/ rustic feel is such a growing trend. It’s super multipurpose also. Name another table cloth that can keep your kids entertained?

Just put a set of crayons or markers on the table and your kid will be entertained until there’s drawing space on your butcher’s table cloth.

And of course, the only food stains you have to worry about are the ones on your kid’s clothes.

5. Wide Sidewalks

If you’re pushing a big ass stroller, the kind you use for twins, you’d appreciate the big ass sidewalk you’re walking on. You might have never seen the importance of a wide sidewalk when you were single but I bet you’re so thankful now you could probably kiss it.

A bit exaggerated? I think so too but quite accurate :D

6. Candy-free checkout counters

No, they don’t exist. At least I have not seen one in a grocery store that does not have a display of candies right before the counter.

Everything is going well with your shopping, you’ve managed to skip the junk food section altogether only to find a rack full of M&Ms, Skittles and Reese’s Peanut Buttercups right at the checkout counter.

Why, oh, why??

I think the only checkout counter that’s “candy-less” are the ones in clothing boutiques and bookstores. Then again, you probably wouldn’t bring your kid there with all the items they can turn into flying objects even though inanimate objects aren’t supposed to be airborne.

7. People kind enough to offer their seats

Admit it. When you were single, maybe you wanted guys to offer you their seats to see if they’re gentlemen worth your attention and time. Otherwise, you couldn’t care less if nobody offered their seat to you because you are a strong independent woman.

That all changed when you got pregnant right? You now appreciate people kind enough to offer their seat to you in a busy bus or in a packed subway.

I mean how would they feel if they were carrying a big bowling ball in their tummy or lugging 3 kids around in public transportation?

You did that for other pregnant women because your parents raised you right with manners. Now that you’re the pregnant one, nothing would make your day brighter than a kind person willing to give you his seat.

8. Drive-Thru

Aww, drive-thru. The secret of every parent for a painless, quick-fix meal. No more lining up with your kids trying to convince you to get another happy meal without having to worry about the looks you’re getting from other diners.

You can just simply tune them out while they’re in the backseat and concentrate on getting only what you came to get. No extra toys. No extra sundaes. Just plain burger, fries and drinks.

The screaming might still be present, but at least, you won’t get as many glares from diners your kid’s disrupting.

Heaven’s gift, I tell you.

Such beauty being a parent, isn’t it?

You see things in a totally different light than when you were young, wild, free and single. Your decisions didn’t affect as many people as it does now that you’re a parent and still you can’t help but look back at these simple things thinking, “I would’ve never known this would mean so much to me now.”

Much like life, parent or not, there are things we think are unnecessary and we end up taking them for granted. But once you have more responsibility on your plate, you begin to realize the beauty of simple things.

Parenthood is all about that.

Got any pre-parenthood experiences you’d like to share? Leave a comment below!

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