Dadchelor Parties and Why Your Guy Should Have One

Men’s baby shower parties are now officially a THING.

They call it a “Dadchelor” party which is like the last hurrah before daddy-hood.

Yes, it is similar to a mom to be’s baby shower in a sense it is to celebrate the coming of a new baby but what happens during the shower is what sets these two similar events apart.

baby showers for men

Not every guy out there about to become a papa needs or let alone wants to have a “Dadchelor” party. Only one out of five has been to one of these. Just think of it as a bachelor party part 2 minus the strippers.

baby showers for men
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What happens during these men’s baby shower parties? When I found out about this, it also got me very curious – thinking, “They couldn’t be doing what women do in showers, right?”

News portal website, Mashable, interviewed a dad-to-be who put together a baby shower for himself with his friends.

“It was a good excuse to get all of my friends together before my ‘availability’ becomes a little more limited. We talked, drank beer and ate food.” – Jon

According to Pinterest, searches for “man shower” keywords have skyrocketed in increase by 149% and “co-ed showers” (a shower for both mom and dad) multiplied by 255%. Talk about trending!

baby showers for me
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There are different themes for men’s baby shower parties. The simple dad would be happy with lots of food fitting for a group testosterone filled dudes and of course, good beer.

mens baby showers
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Planning an elaborate men’s baby shower might be a bit too much for an average dad but there are so many other “normal” things men do during their showers.

Take for example these men who took their papa-to-be to go shooting.

baby showers for men
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Many couples are also putting their budgets together and throw themselves one heck of a co-ed shindig!

baby showers for men
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But don’t let these dads-to-be fool you. They can have pretty legit fun in their Dad-chelors!

baby showers for men2
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And unlike women’s baby showers, there’s only one thing you need to get them as gifts.

Men’s baby shower parties are pretty simple to put together. Just have diapers, pizza, and beer!

baby showers for men3
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Dad-chelors have lots of games too! Like the Diaper Change game!

baby showers for men4
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You may not have heard of it but yes, it’s a thing now.

Many dads are celebrating their last days of availability until the child is old enough to be left alone with just its mommy.

And moms-to-be don;t deny them this right as well! As it turns out, their wives encourage them to have a day of fun with no emotional repercussions at the end. Pure, clean, manly fun.

“There’s a lot of ‘American’ tradition around bridal showers and baby showers for women, so it was nice to put something on the calendar for my friends. I’m sure a lot of other men would enjoy the same. Some of my guy friends who are now parents had planned something similar (like a gathering or a weekend trip with their friends).” – Jon

Which dad-to-be wouldn’t enjoy a get together with his best buds – even if it IS a men’s baby shower?

Got any men’s baby shower idea/story? Tell us in a comment below!


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