Are We There Yet? Fun Activities To Keep Them Entertained On A Road Trip

A staycation is the only vacation you may get this year, thanks to COVID-19. You know what that means? A road trip! For most people, a road trip is a fun idea that is packed with opportunities. For parents, it’s a surefire way for the kids to annoy you to the point you reach boiling point!

The key is to ensure they’re entertained. Okay, you can’t do it for hours on end without a break, but you can soak up a few seconds so that you’re at least halfway to your destination. Here are the activities that will make it happen.

Trip Planning

Sure, you and your other half have already planned the trip out and know where you’re going and when. Still, the kids don’t know that, and there’s no reason to tell them.

Children love using their imaginations, which is why asking them to think of activities that they want to do on vacation is an ideal method for maintaining their focus. You may have to offer a little nudge along the way, yet kids’ minds are very powerful.

Once you get the ball rolling, they’ll spend forever imagining their holiday and planning out the essential stops and attractions.


Eating isn’t a pastime, it’s a necessity. Parents know this too well since kids are notorious for losing their minds when they’re hungry. Therefore, you should plan to eat lunch and have some snacks along the way.

Firstly, the food will take their mind off the long trip and relieve the boredom. Secondly, it’ll boost their energy levels and stop them becoming cranky.

Thirdly, they can’t moan when their mouths are full of bread and chips! Hopefully, the increase in sugar and the motion of the car will encourage them to sleep and eat up more time.

Stopping For Breaks

Breaks are to stop the monotony of sitting down all day. However, you don’t get a time out from the kids. If anything, the stop-offs are when you should engage their minds as they’ll be excited to get out of the car and there is a lot to do.

For example, you can go exploring the woods while your partner heads to the toilet and collects the snacks. Just remember to travel with a baby first aid kit in case of accidents! Alternatively, taking pictures is a less strenuous activity that you can do without moving a muscle.

Taking Advantage Of Electronics

Sometimes, all you want during a road trip is a bit of quiet. Kids aren’t great in their own company, which is why they usually talk about anything that springs to mind. That is unless they are watching TV or playing games.

As unhealthy as prolonged periods of screen time is, it’s a Godsend when you’re in an enclosed space with grouchy children. After a long day where you’ve eaten, stopped to stretch your legs, and planned your trip, there’s nothing wrong with letting your kids use the iPad.

It may just stop the family from turning on each other!

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