The Perfect Birth Announcement: an 8-Step Guide

In each of us lies a playful and imaginative designer. This is the insightful and empowering message behind Seattle-based custom stationery company PurpleTrail‘s popular customer service, which allows you to create highly artistic and personal designs. With a listening ear and dedicated craftsmen at work, they deliver all – from cheeky mom gifts to the most heart-warming pregnancy and birth announcements – with great passion and precision. This is why they are teaching us how to design the perfect birth announcement card in a 8+ step-by-step fun and easy process explained below.

Special moments call for the creation of something exceptional, moving and very personal. Just like no other soul comes with the unique footprint of your little one. PurpleTrail hits our soft spot with just this same realization that we love being given the painter’s brush, the creative space and the tools for expression. This is why they have introduced a user-friendly online design center on their website – not unlike a virtual design playground – which allows you to fully customize your announcement card or precious keepsake.

Thus, you are able to create the perfectly Elegant Personalized Birth Announcements, which you have always envisioned for the arrival of your little twinkle. You can add text, photos, artwork and various shapes, as well as rearrange items. Select from a range of premium materials, exquisite colors and superb services such as mailing and stamping. The possibilities are endless and enthusiastic parents can even end up feeling overwhelmed by choice. The useful Birth Announcement guide below will introduce you to the basics of the creative process!

Seek Quality: Handmade From Start to Finish

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The birth of a child is the ideal occasion to select the very best. Christmas occurs every year, a leap year happens in every four winters, but the birth of a child is like the rise of a star. A universal phenomenon.

Opt for high-quality products made of premium materials that will last over decades. With PurpleTrail, you can choose from a variety of luxurious papers and coordinate little touches, such as matching envelopes, liners and address labels.

Details to Include: Made in Washington

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The most common things to include in a birth announcement, besides a photo and the name, are stats like birth date, weight, length, time and place of birth. After covering those, you can share a little more, if you wish…

Set the Tone

birth announcement online magazine for modern mom TwinBaby 3 new babies on the block

You can go in either direction: either heart-melting messages (such as ‘The snuggle is real. Meet the cuddliest member of our family, Olivia…’) or, alternatively, something fun (like ‘Escaped from the womb! Wanted – for stealing his parents’ hearts. Meet James…’).

Brag It’s Yours: ‘Snores Like His Daddy’

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Personalize the announcement with the sweetest notes that speak of your family’s quirks and passions.

Include More Family Members birth announcement custom design online magazine for modern moms 4

Besides the parents’ names, you can also add the names and photos of siblings (including fur siblings).

Plan Early or Rely on Superb Service

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Etiquette dictates that you have up to six months to share the happy news. Many couples choose to select the design early since the first weeks of fresh parenthood can be quite consuming, to say the least. To save the day, PurpleTrail also offer three-day delivery service, including mailing.

Choose a Unique Shape

birth announcement die cut online magazine for modern mom TwinBaby

For a twist in presentation, opt for a booklet or a trendy die-cut in the form of a onesie, pumpkin, bottle, house and many more.

For When Designs Are Twice as Cute


birth announcement online magazine for modern mom TwinBaby 2

The blessing of twins easily comes through in adorable photography and artistic card designs! Your creative canvas awaits you…

Special Keepsakes: Mugs

birth announcement mug twins online magazine for modern mom

‘We made a wish and Two came true.’ Custom Mugs are a great keepsake to design along with the birth announcements. If you have just the right photo and a design you feel proud of, a custom mug would be a thoughtful and sweet addition to your kitchen counter or office desk.

Canvas of a Little Dream Come True

birth announcement canvas online magazine for modern mom canvas

Another sweet reminder you can design are Canvas Prints which, similarly to the cards, contain the baby’s arrival stats, such as weight, length, date and time.

Customizing the design of these precious cards and keepsakes is thus made easy, enjoyable and very affordable. Create little pieces of unrivaled magic using your own imagination. Then, invite your family and friends to rejoice in your daughter or son’s arrival!

This post is a collaboration with PurpleTrail.

Like most small businesses, PurpleTrail started in a tiny office near Seattle, WA, with the hope of helping clients create the perfect personalized stationery. 
What started as love for personalized paper products, has grown into a creative business located at the foothills of the Cascade mountain range in Issaquah, Washington where all of their products are handmade from start to finish.

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