Getting The Perfect Dining Table For a Family

Dining tables can be large, especially if you have a family. So before you buy one, you need to ensure that it’s the perfect fit for your home. 

The perfect dining table should be solidly constructed, fits your dining space, works within your budget, and be aesthetically pleasing. After all, if you buy something big, you’d want to ensure that it does not stick out like a sore thumb. 

But not everyone is gifted with the talent of interior design. So if you are new to furniture shopping, below are some essential considerations you need to make before opening your wallet.

Getting The Perfect Dining Table For a Family

Get Your Measuring Tape

Always remember, when you buy a dining table, it has to fit your dining area. Sounds easy enough, right? But unfortunately, dining tables can be deceptive when it comes to size. That is because you need to make space for the chairs when you sit and some breathing room when moving around it.

Typically, you would want at least three feet of breathing room per side of the table – the more, the better – to move around comfortably.

So, whether you have a dedicated space for your dining table or not, start measuring the width and length of the area for your dining table.

Subtract about six feet from both measurements, and you now have the target length and width for your dining table.

“But I only have a small space for our dining table.” Well, if space is tight in your home, consider buying a dining table with leaves instead. You can customize these tables for party and entertainment needs.

But, don’t buy a table with too many mechanisms. It will only give more opportunities for things to fail.

Consider Your Family’s Needs

Typically, the design for dining tables is square and rectangle. They have more options for sizes, shapes, and styles in the market.

But if you have a tight space, it would be best to choose a round or oval table. It is more spacious because corners are cut-off while still having a good surface area.

Round and oval tables are also swell for conversation and family meetings, and when it comes to squeezing in more people, the table’s perimeter is the only thing that’ll limit you.

Pay Attention To The Base

The base of your table can affect how many people you can fit in it. If you have a big family, ensure that the base or table supports don’t compromise leg space.

If you want to be flexible as much as possible, consider the width and placement of the legs. Typically, a table with thin legs is easier for an extra chair to squeeze in. But take note, a table can only be extended for so long before the top bows in the middle.

A pedestal and trestle table is the best type of table for squeezing in more people. But a big pedestal table is less sturdy than a four-legged table, and trestle tables can have limited space at both ends. So pay attention closely to these factors before you buy your dining table.

Check For Reliable Construction 

The perfect dining table should be well-made, sturdy, and withstand heavy use with little to no wear. Although material plays a big part in the construction, the perfect table should also have good joinery.

The joinery is the place where the top and base fit. If it’s solid, your dining table will surely last throughout the years.

The general rule for joinery is the simpler it is, the better. Too many attachments and hooks give the impression of weak construction.

A Note About Chairs

If you are not buying a set for your dining table, ensure that the chairs you will buy fit your table. Shopping for a set dining table is more fitting online.

But if you are in a physical store, you can mix and match your table and chairs. 


Choosing the perfect dining table for your family is essential. It will be with you for a long time, so it’s a must that you make the most of it.

So if you know someone who wants to buy a dining table for their family, share this article with them. Now they too can have the perfect dining table.

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