7 Ways to DIY Your Party Decorations

Hosting parties is a whole lot of fun. The planning, selection of a theme, and shopping for all the supplies and food. But, if you do that a few times a year, throwing a party can be a costly affair.

For those who are not afraid of a bit of DIY, there is a lot of money to be saved on party supplies if you know where to look and what to use.

Even if you’re not skilled with any DIY crafts, getting some basic party supplies without buying everything ready-made from the store is much easier than you think.

This article will show you just a few of the many options available to those who would like to throw a fun party at a budget, and put their own stamp of hand-crafted beauty on top of it.

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Easy DIY Party Decorations

  1. Cupcake or Cake toppers

These simple decorations for your cakes or cupcakes are super easy to make.

All you need is a simple motive, or even photo will do, to make a beautiful addition to the star of your party. If you want something custom-made, you can find a lot of free printables which are editable, to make them your own.

Another great option is simply to print out the name of the birthday boy or girl in a fancy thicker font to use as a cake topper. After you have your art selected, simply attach it to a wooden stick or a toothpick and you’re done!

  1. Paper Garlands

These are super fun to make and very easy to customize to your chosen color scheme.

All you need is a bit of crepe paper or thicker paper of your choice and cut it out to the desired shape. This decor takes a bit of time to make, especially if you want to cover a bigger space, but you can reuse it for your next party and store it easily.

  1. Balloon Garland or Arch

Baloon arches have been super popular since last year and you’ve probably seen them everywhere on Instagram. The secret is to stick to a certain color scheme and to use balloons of different sizes, to give your creation a bit of depth and structure.

  1. DIY Invitations

DIY also applies to your invitations! You can get them as free printables where you can hand-write the details, or make your own from scratch.

If you don’t know where to start you can download some pretty printable paper patterns online at Creative Fabrica. I found them very easy to use and edit. They are perfect for birthdays, wedding invitations, birth announcements and much more!

  1. Fun Personalized Placemats

If you’re hosting a party with a sit-down dinner, it’s super fun to make individual placemats for each of the guests.

All you need is a standard size paper, where you can draw an outline for the plate, and decorate the rest of the space the way you desire. You can also add some photos with the guest or personalized message just for him or her. 

  1. Floating candles

There is no need to buy any expensive centerpieces for your tables.

All you need is a wide oval vase filled with water and some floating candles. The instant atmosphere for just a few bucks! If you want to go all fancy, you can drop a few fresh flowers in the water too!

  1. Party Bunting

Whether you’re looking to do a Happy Birthday bunting or just a simple one to add a bit of color, this is probably one of the easiest things you can DIY, with zero skills required. All you need is a rope and a bit of paper! 

We hope you find plenty of inspiration for your next party in our article. Happy crafting! 

Julie Higgins
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